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2012 Wheelsandmore MP4-12C Toxique Evil news, pictures, specifications, and information

McLaren MP4-12C 'Toxique Evil' by Wheelsandmore

To see the new Mc-Laren MP4-12C in the wild is an unusual and rare phenomenon. Whenever the viewer at the sight of such a super athlete has to catch their breath, the luxury refiner Wheelsandmore takes a deep breath and starts their work.

The Mc-Laren newly developed 3.8 liter V8 biturbo engine isn´t missing enough horsepower, but Wheelsandmore followed the exclusive sales order 'create something diabolical' and increased the factory output of 600 hp to a whopping 666 hp and 640 Nm of torque. Responsible for the proper performance is a handcrafted exhaust system wîth remote-able exhaust valves and the optimized control electronics.

Currently Wheelsandmore is testing a turbo and intercooler upgrade up to 800hp.

World-exclusive Wheelsandmore lowered the PCC complex electronic hydraulic suspension system, that controls body roll and the roll-permanently, to another 25mm and improves handling and §teering of the MP4-12C.

Even more attention was paid to the development of the customized forged wheels for the MC Laren MP4-12C. To avoid a negative effect of the unsprung masses the 6Sporz ² ultralight-forged wheels were additionally weight-optimized and individually constructed sizing 9.0x20' and 12.0x21'. Continental Sport Contact 5P tires ensuring the ideal contact to the road, rotating in size 245/30/20' on the front and in size 325/25/21on the rear axle.

Vital Stats
Engine : 3.8 L., 8-cylinder
Power: 666 hp
Torque: 472 ft-lbs

7-speed Automatic
Completion of the skilful refining of this super sports car is the color matched Trim-Line-Design stripe wîth the logotype of the german luxury car tuner.

Source - Wheelsandmore
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