1917 Moon Model 6-45 news, pictures, specifications, and information
Joseph Moon started his Moon Motor Car business in St. Louis with his brother John in 1907. Their first automobile, a five-passenger touring car offering around 35 horsepower was marketed as the 'Ideal American Car' but it was priced at $3,000, which was much more expensive than its competitors. By 1910 the company had halved its prices and adopted a new motto, 'Priced within the Bounds of Reason.' The Moons believed that style, comfort and color were more important than solid engineering, and they sold many cars, but orders remained unfulfilled due to out-of-date production methods. The company did increase production increase production to 1,540 cars in 1913 and 7,500 in 1925, but when Archie Andrews of New Era Motors contracted with Moon to build his revolutionary new Ruxton the company found itself in ever deeper production troubles. It closed in 1930.
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