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2016 BMW M2 M Performance news, pictures, specifications, and information

BMW presents an extensive range of BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW M2 Coupe which enhance the car's dynamics and individualise its design

The new BMW M2 Coupe sets the benchmark in the compact high- performance sports car §egmènt in terms of dynamics and performance. Its extrovert design shines an even brighter spotlight on its razor-sharp sporting character and outstanding track ability. And now the dynamic qualities and stylistic appearance of the BMW M2 Coupe can be honed even more effectively wîth the selection of BMW M Performance Parts presented in Geneva. Customers can choose from an array of motor sport-inspired components that enhance the car's aerodynamics, drivetrain, cockpit and chassis and meet – without exception – the highest standards of functional excellence and design.

BMW presents an extensive range of BMW M Performance Parts for the new BMW M2 Coupe. Wide array of components to enhance the car's dynamics and individualise its design.The new BMW M2 Coupe sets new standards for dynamic handling and performance in the compact high-performance sports car §egmènt. Its strikingly extrovert design brings the car's razor-sharp dynamic character and outstanding race track credentials even further to the fore. The range of BMW M Performance Parts that has now been unveiled allows customers to further hone the driving dynamics and visual appearance of their BMW M2 Coupe wîth a choice of components focusing on aerodynamics, the engine, the cockpit and the chassis. All have been inspired by the world of motor racing and fully satisfy the highest expectations in terms of functionality and design.

Aerodynamic components enhance looks and handling characteristics.

The portfolio of M Performance Parts for the BMW M2 Coupe features an extensive array of aerodynamic components made from top-quality carbon- fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP). The selection includes front-end and side skirt attachments, a rear diffuser and mirror caps whose respective aerodynamically qualities work as a highly effective team and whose styling lends this compact high-performance athlete's powerfully contoured exterior even greater impact.

The front-end and side skirt attachments, for instance, combine wîth the rear spoiler and diffuser from the BMW M Performance range to optimise the airflow around the vehicle, which in turn benefits its handling capabilities and performance. The carbon-fibre exterior mirror caps hit just the right note here, their striking and stylish design putting the ideal finishing touch to the car's even sportier appearance. The same is also true of the M Performance grilles for the front end and flanks, which come in high-gloss black and incorporate the BMW M logo in the traditional red, blue and light blue of BMW M.

Options for the powertrain, suspension and brakes hone the car's dynamic performance.

The M Performance flap-control silencer system should provide music to the ears of drivers wishing to savour a more intense engine sound. It comes wîth two operating modes – Sport and Track – that can be selected by Bluetooth remote control. Sport mode is intended for use on public roads and treats the driver and passengers to a wonderfully sporty soundtrack that has been specially tuned for the BMW M2. With the Track setting activated, meanwhile, the exhaust system emits an even louder, richer tone that ups the excitement levels noticeably. As a result, the driver enjoys a more intense driving experience and feels even more at one wîth their vehicle. The M Performance flap-control exhaust system further embellishes the looks of the BMW M2, courtesy of a high-gloss silencer casing wîth a deeply embossed

M Performance logo and tailpipes wîth an 80-millimetre diameter and a perforated inner pipe. The M Performance exhaust system can also be specified wîth 93-millimetre-diameter carbon-fibre tailpipe embellishers incorporating the BMW M logo.

For even greater roadholding and handling prowess, the BMW M2 Coupe can be equipped wîth BMW M Performance coilover suspension. This reduces ground clearance by at least five millimetres compared to the standard suspension, while the car can be lowered by a further 20 millimetres thanks to the coilover technology. The shock absorbers are adjustable through a total of 16 rebound and 12 compression settings, enabling the driver to individually configure their preferred suspension set-up. The basic tuning is firmer overall than the standard suspension's, reducing the rolling and pitching movements of the car's body whatever the settings and thereby ensuring remarkably neutral handling characteristics and supremely direct driver feedback.

The sports brake pads from BMW M Performance enhance the car's race track capabilities at the same time as giving a boost to active safety. Because their composition is derived from endurance brake pads wîth a proven track record in motor racing, one of the most notable properties of these BMW M Performance components is their markedly enhanced thermal resilience, meaning they don't suffer from fade even when placed under continuous extreme loads. Their direct responses give them a further edge over the standard-fit braking system.

Interior options that draw their inspiration from the race track.

The interior of the BMW M2 Coupe can likewise be injected wîth some extra sporty flair, as customers see fit, wîth the help of BMW M Performance Parts. Take, for example, the BMW M Performance LED door sill strips for the driver and front passenger side, which add a stylish, eye-catching touch as soon as the door is opened. The same can be said of the M Performance floor mats, which combine sporting design wîth an abrasion-resistance surface – made from rubber and textile fibres – that affords optimum purchase. The stainless steel pedal covers, featuring raised rubber studs on the brake and clutch pedals that prevent the foot from slipping off, provide the perfect complement.

BMW is one of the few carmakers in the world to offer its own Alcantara- covered §teering wheels for retrofitting in its vehicles, and there are two different versions to be found in the BMW M Performance portfolio. The

M Performance §teering wheel Pro features particularly chunky moulding in the Alcantara-trimmed grip areas, and comes wîth a harder foam filling than the standard version for better grip and a more precise §teering feel. It also sports a light blue centre marking in the 12 o'clock position. The tricolour M seam and the optional open-porecarbon-fibre trim wîth M Performance lettering make the M Performance §teering wheel Pro a real treat for the eyes too.

In addition to this, BMW also offers the M Performance §teering wheel wîth a race display and standard carbon-fibre trim. The functional display incorporated into the top of the §teering wheel rim places the various readouts available – such as sector and lap times, and longitudinal and lateral acceleration – directly in the driver's field of vision. The menu buttons integrated into the §teering wheel's thumbrests enable intuitive control of the functions. On either side of the race display are converging strips of LED lights in two colours that serve as a gear change display.

Setting the seal on the BMW M Performance range for the interior of the BMW M2 is the M Performance carbon-fibre interior kit, comprising matching trim finishers for the DCT gear selector, the centre console and the handbrake lever, as well as M Performance interior trim strips wîth a delightful blend of Alcantara and carbon fibre.

Source - BMW
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