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2017 Artega Scalo Superelletra Concept news, pictures, specifications, and information
Artega, the German sports car manufacturer, has commissioned Touring Superleggera wîth the design of their next all-electric ultimate sports car.

The Artega Scalo Superelletra is the preview of the series version to be delivered from spring 2019 on; the production is strictly limited to 50 units. It is powered by four high power electric motors offering supercar performance and a new driving experience.

Únusually, Scalo Superelletra has three full-sized seats, wîth a central driving position, offering practicality, space optimisation and the ultimate driving experience.

Artega dictated a demanding briefing. Klaus D. Frers, Artega owner and CEO, states: 'The brand name 'Artega' comes from the Italian word 'arte' for art - the art of sports car manufacturing. Art comes from skill, it is passion and inspiration. These are the fundamental values of the brand. The task was to maintain the core of Artega whilst reaching the next level of both - Artega and the very top of the market §egmènt of super cars'.

Touring Superleggera was chosen as the stylist because of their unique 90+ year history which has produced some of the world's greatest designs, and recent successful track record wîth models such as the Disco Volante Coupé and Spyder, Berlinetta Lusso and Mini Superleggera Vision, demonstrating their ability in combining Italian design and craftsmanship wîth a variety of different themes.

Vital Stats

'We are delighted of the opportunity to design a fully electric car. There were a few challenges here, particularly in finding the right proportions for the 3-seater layout. The innovative electric package, however, gives a higher degree of freedom and we tried to take full advantage from it.' - states Piero Mancardi, CEO of Touring - 'The project grew incredibly fast, wîth exceptional levels of mutual understanding wîth Artega'.

In creating the new design, Touring has adhered to Artega's strict principles. It was important that the car was visually beautiful, wîth perfect proportions. It also needed to be discreet, understated and unembellished wîth unnecessary ornamentation.

Obviously a sports car, it also displays its luxurious qualities, without being ostentatious. Clean, simple, minimalistic lines ensure the design is a timeless classic masterpiece, suitable for any event or occasion, but highlighting its exclusivity and showcasing a technical tour de force. In short, it had to be seen as a work of art in accordance wîth the core values of Artega.

Touring's new design has maintained Artega's visual brand identity while recognising the designer's tradition of creating beauty through simplicity and purity of line.

Subtle design features, such as placing the door in the centre of the car's profile, provide a balanced shape, which accentuates the car's elegance. At the same time, other motifs, such as the razor edge wing profiles, the shut line of the door, the angle of the B-pillar and the hot air exhaust outlets for the front brakes, point to the car's dynamic qualities. Aerodynamic optimisation enhances these dynamics.

Practicality is embodied in the design too, wîth the door cut-outs in the roof to facilitate an easy access to the three seats, each of which is an individual full size bucket placed parallel to the centreline. Generous headroom is hinted at wîth the polished detailing strip above the side window.

Artega Scalo Superelletra uses a state-of-the-art carbon fibre monocoque wîth high tensile tubular steel sub-frames front and rear, in turn reinforced wîth carbon fibre crossbars.

In-keeping wîth Touring tradition, the bodywork blends aluminium wîth CFRP panels (PÚ is used for bumpers). Carbon fibre is selected for weight for bonnet, hood and doors.

There are four water-cooled synchronised high performance e-machines from the German manufacturer VOLTABOX, those in the rear rated at 400kW wîth a 500kW peak, and the two front ones rated at 350kW wîth a peak output of 400kW. They provide a total nominal output of 750kW -1,020HP, wîth a peak output of 940kW - 1,278HP. With 1,620Nm torque and employing torque vectoring, and on a target kerb weight below 1,850Kg, stellar performance is guaranteed.

Particular attention is paid to eco-friendliness in production. Not only is the manufacturing process CO2-neutral, but the car is fully recyclable, and as much use as possible is made of natural materials.

The all-new Artega Scalo Superelletra addresses the price §egmènt from EÚR 500,000 to EÚR 1,000,000. Orders can be placed to the manufacturer against down payment of EÚR 100,000.

Source - Artega
The Artega Scalo wîth a purely electric drive is the direct successor of the Artega GT, which inspired car fans around the world. The new German electric sports car promises pure driving enjoyment wîth aerospace genes.

An impressive acceleration of 0 to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and an electronically limited maximum speed of 155 mph characterise the Artega Scalo. The range of up to 250 mls and the charging time are convincing as well. With a 64 kW DC quick charge, it is possible to charge the battery completely in less than one hour.

The Artega Scalo has two Voltabox high-performance electrical motors wîth a total output of 300 kW and a torque of 575 ft-lb - using technology from aerospace. The energy storage is a world novelty: Lithium-ion battery modules, combined wîth perfectly customized SuperCaps (high-performance capacitors).

Source - Artega
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