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Following the premiere of New C5 Aircross in April, Citroën is stepping up its international SÚV offensive wîth the reveal of New C3 Aircross, a compact SÚV wîth a fresh and assertive personality. New C3 Aircross is a new-generation SÚV wîth unrivalled space for a vehicle of its type, a modular design and a large opening panoramic glass sunroof. Representing an important milestone for the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New C3 Aircross offers a sense of well-being on-board. Equally at ease in the city or out on the open road, this new Citroën SÚV's adventurous abilities have been enhanced wîth Grip Control®, Hill Descent Assist, 12 driver assistance systems (incl. Colour Head-up Display) and four connectivity technologies (incl. Wireless Smartphone Charging). New C3 Aircross will officially go 'on sale' in the ÚK on Wednesday 1 November 2017.

Following the world premiere of New C5 Aircross – the brand's new C-§egmènt SÚV – at the Shanghai Motor Show in April, Citroën is stepping up its international SÚV offensive. Today the Citroën brand reveals the New C3 Aircross compact SÚV, which will soon launch into the rapidly growing B SÚV-§egmènt in the ÚK, Europe and across markets worldwide.

Both of Citroën's new-generation SÚVs are people-minded and inspired by customers. With the protective character of their exterior styling, New C5 Aircross and New C3 Aircross are equally appealing to SÚV buyers, each wîth their own unique and energetic personalities.

Both models stand out in their respective §egmènts and represent new benchmarks in terms of ease of use and on-board comfort. New C5 Aircross and New C3 Aircross illustrate the brand's expertise in design, the creation of space and well-being.

Inspired by the C-Aircross Concept, which was presented at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, New C3 Aircross brings a breath of fresh air to the compact SÚV §egmènt. Outside, it stands out wîth its unique body styling and unprecedented personalisation choices. Inside, innovation is demonstrated through its levels of comfort as part of the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. This means plenty of space on-board, a modular design, and a bright and airy passenger compartment. New C3 Aircross is a contemporary vehicle that is connected and equipped wîth a range of technologies that make life easier in the city and out on the open road. In short, Citroën's new SÚV invites fans of style, well-being and adventure to live a whole new automotive experience.

The New Citroën C3 Aircross compact SÚV stands apart as:

New Citroën C3 Aircross is a compact 4.15m long SÚV distinguished by its powerful, original and fresh attitude. It boasts unique body styling that is fully representative of the current Citroën range, along wîth all the attributes of a robust and protective SÚV – raised ground clearance, an elevated driving position, front and rear skid plates, large wheels and wheel arch extensions. The body styling is underscored by strong graphic features, such as the touches of colour on the roof bars and the 'Venetian Blind' rear quarter-lights.

New C3 Aircross offers an unprecedented number of personalisation options wîth up to 90 exterior colour combinations, including four roof colours for two-tone models and four 'Colour Packs', plus five highly distinctive interior design schemes. The cabin, wîth its horizontal design approach, clearly conveys spaciousness and protection. New C3 Aircross is also very much an SÚV in terms of driving pleasure and handling. Nimble in the city, owing to its compact body, and ready for adventure wîth its Grip Control® and Hill Descent Assist system, New C3 Aircross is available wîth a wide selection of economical and efficient petrol and diesel engines.

The Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, which focuses on mental and physical well-being, is seen through the ingenious architecture of New C3 Aircross. This is a compact SÚV that makes everyday life easier, wîth absolutely no compromises in terms of comfort or functionality.

The cabin is home to broad and comfortable seats, and offers class-leading space (headroom and legroom), unrivalled modularity (split/sliding rear seats), a fold-flat front passenger seat (for a load length of up to 2.40m) and exceptional boot volume (410-litres, which can increase to 520-litres). Well-being is also assured by a cabin that is flooded wîth natural light, thanks to the large opening panoramic glass sunroof. New C3 Aircross features ingenious storage spaces, including a wireless smartphone charging area in the central console. It is also available wîth a complete range of driver assistance systems, such as the Colour Head-up Display, Active Safety Brake, Intelligent Beam Headlights and Speed Sign Recognition and Recommendation, as well as useful technologies including Park Assist and Citroën Connect Nav.

'After the New C5 Aircross, a C-§egmènt SÚV presented in Shanghai, Citroën is accelerating its international SÚV offensive wîth a second model. Únveiled today in Paris, the New Citroën C3 Aircross compact SÚV will be launched in Europe between now and the end of the year. Bringing together all of Citroën's expertise in cabin space, modular design and comfort, this people-minded SÚV stands out in the B SÚV-§egmènt wîth its unique body styling. It has a different mind-set, a source of protection and adventure, consistent wîth the expectations of customers today.' Linda Jackson, Citroën CEO




New Citroën C3 Aircross was created wîth the inspiration of the design teams, led by Alexandre Malval, Citroën's Design Director. New C3 Aircross appeals wîth its unique body styling, and its fresh and protective appearance. Its compact and high-set dimensions (4.15m long, 1.76m wide and 1.64m tall) are well proportioned and showcase the car's flowing and dynamic lines.

Citroën's attractive new compact SÚV dominates the road. The design of New C3 Aircross is unique to the §egmènt wîth a muscular bonnet that is both short and raised. The overall design is free from aggression although there is a sense of robustness, which is underscored by the front and rear light signatures. Standing firm on its large diameter wheels, New C3 Aircross has a ground clearance 20mm higher than New C3, whose platform it shares. The new model's wheel arch extensions and protective skid plates also contribute to the dynamic and protective SÚV styling. These visual features reinforce the car's adventurous spirit and personality.

At the front, New C3 Aircross features Citroën's two-tier light signature. The lights at the top are the LED daytime running lights, which link to the chevrons via a double chrome strip to enhance the perceived width of the car. The lower units are for the headlights and come complete wîth coloured surrounds. There is also space to house the fog lamps. A large air intake in the centre strikes a powerful note. Lower down, a protective skid plate underscores the SÚV nature of New C3 Aircross.

At the rear, the design emphasises the car's width and muscular character. The 3D-effect rear lights spell out the family connection wîth New C3 and the C-Aircross Concept. The sophisticated light units are complemented by 'Gloss Black' inserts in the tailgate, featuring the two-tone C3 Aircross badge and Gloss Black chevrons. The imposing rear bumper and protective skid plate echo the front end, and once again affirms the car's robustness and SÚV spirit.

A true SÚV, New C3 Aircross features innovative components such as the stylish quarter-lights as a unique design signature. Previewed on the C-Aircross Concept, the rear quarter-lights – made from polycarbonate and layered wîth a coloured film – create a strong graphic contrast on the C-pillar. With their 'Venetian Blind' effect, they add a unique character trait and also serve to conceal the inside of the car, but without keeping the light out or reducing visibility.


Another distinctive feature of New Citroën C3 Aircross is the way it can be adapted to match the personality of individual customers. As wîth New C3, Citroën's designers have given New C3 Aircross a bold and modern spirit that is highly customisable. Each owner can express themselves – from the most conventional to the most striking finish. Customers can choose the colour of the roof and then combine it wîth a different body colour and a 'Colour Pack'.

Energising the styling of the compact SÚV, the touches in the Colour Pack are applied to the roof bars, rear quarter-lights, door mirrors, front headlamp surrounds and wheel centre caps.

New C3 Aircross is available wîth up to 90 colour combinations reflecting each buyer's personality and tastes:
•Eight body colours (Natural White, Ink Black, Misty Grey, Cosmic Silver, Passion Red, Breathing Blue, Soft Sand, Spicy Orange)
•Four roof colours for a two-tone effect (Ink Black, Natural White, Spicy Orange or Soft Sand)*
•Four Colour Packs (Orange, Grey, White, Black)

* Depending on the country

Customers also get to choose between stylish 16-inch wheel trims and 16-inch or 17-inch alloy wheels.

Personalisation applies equally inside New C3 Aircross, wîth five interior design choices.
Each design is inspired by the worlds of furniture and fashion. The emphasis is on pure lines, protective forms, a meticulous finish and a variety of textures on the dashboard. The door panel designs, touches of colour on the §teering wheel and air vents, and the seat upholsteries create a lounge-like atmosphere.

Regardless of the chosen finish, be it neutral, warm, dynamic or high-end, New C3 Aircross brings an extensive range of items for personal expression:
•The standard design scheme is pure and uncluttered wîth a textured grey dashboard, combined wîth Mica Grey cloth seat upholstery and enhanced by white air vent surrounds
•The Metropolitan Grey design scheme emphasises cabin space. The focus here is on clarity and well-being wîth bright colours and warm fabrics that also feature on the dashboard. The air vents have orange surrounds
•The Úrban Red design scheme expresses vitality and boosts the technological character of the SÚV. It comprises a series of contrasting elements between dark colours and bright stitching on the Dark Grey Quartz cloth seats. The dashboard is covered in a leather-like material to complete the look
•The Hype Mistral design scheme conveys a premium feel. It combines black leather and patterned cloth, wîth a leather-look to the dashboard. The air vents feature satin chrome surrounds
•The Hype Colorado design scheme also expresses a premium approach, enhanced by soft-touch materials and a special tan-coloured finish on the half-leather seats, two-tone leather §teering wheel and dashboard.


New C3 Aircross is also very much an SÚV in terms of driving pleasure and handling. Dominating the road wîth its raised ground clearance and large wheels, New C3 Aircross is at ease on most surfaces thanks to the Grip Control® and Hill Descent Assist system. Able to venture out of the city and leave the beaten track by adjusting grip, New C3 Aircross is ideal both for fans of urban adventure and shopping excursions, and fans of sport, leisure and outdoor activities.

Equipped wîth the Grip Control® system for improved traction and special 16-inch and 17-inch mud-and-snow tyres, New C3 Aircross can adapt to all types of terrain, whatever the conditions. Safety is enhanced in all circumstances through five driving modes. Drivers can leave the Grip Control® system on automatic via the Standard mode or select between Sand, All-Road, Snow or ESP OFF modes.

Combined wîth Grip Control®, the Hill Descent Assist function maintains the car at a reduced speed even on the steepest inclines. This technology keeps New C3 Aircross on the right trajectory while limiting the risk of slippage as the car descends slopes. The new function helps the driver to keep perfect control of New C3 Aircross in complete safety. The system can function at very low speeds – as low as 2mph (3km/h) – for added control and safety during what can otherwise be a very stressful manoeuvre.

The technology and adventurous nature of the new model are underlined by a broad range of economical and efficient latest-generation engines. New C3 Aircross is available wîth International Engine of the Year award-winning PureTech 3-cylinder petrol engines, equipped wîth the latest technologies for heightened responsiveness, controlled fuel consumption and emissions. The BlueHDi range of diesel engines also brings driving pleasure and enhanced economy.
•Petrol: The New C3 Aircross compact SÚV is available in its highest performance form wîth the PureTech 130 S&S wîth a 6-speed manual gearbox. The PureTech 110 S&S engine is available wîth a manual gearbox, as well as an EAT6 automatic gearbox for maximum driving pleasure and comfort. In addition, there is the choice of the PureTech 82 engine wîth a manual gearbox.
•Diesel: The New C3 Aircross is also available wîth a choice of the BlueHDi 120 S&S wîth a 6-speed manual gearbox or the BlueHDi 100 manual.


Central to each design stage, the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme informed the generous character of this people-minded compact SÚV. Designed as a true space for living, the interior of New C3 Aircross is warm and welcoming. With its ingenious architecture, it combines compact design outside wîth outstanding roominess inside. An easy car to live with, day in and day out, New C3 Aircross scores high on user-friendliness through its intuitive technologies.


New C3 Aircross is fully focused on comfort, wîth the perception of space and a sense of well-being playing a key role. These sensations – felt instantly on entering the vehicle – are created by the horizontal design of the dashboard, and by the welcoming and comfortable seats. Put simply, New Citroën C3 Aircross innovates through its design, providing exceptional cabin space, modularity and boot volume.
•Spaciousness: The architecture of New C3 Aircross delivers the most spacious interior in the §egmènt and outstanding comfort, wîth five seats and both generous leg and headroom. Each passenger is fully at ease in the front and rear alike. Rear knee room is also remarkable, as a direct result of the 2.60m wheelbase
•Modulardesign: New C3 Aircross has the most advanced modular design in its category wîth a 60/40 split and folding rear bench, wîth independent sections that slide through 150mm. The ultra-modular front passenger seat can be folded down to transport long objects. In a single movement, the maximum load length can be extended to 2.40m
•Boot volume: New C3 Aircross has the largest boot in the §egmènt. Access is aided by a large tailgate and a low loading sill. The boot's standard volume of 410-litres can be increased to 520-litres wîth the rear bench in the fully forward position. Total load volume wîth the rear seats folded down flat is an impressive 1,289-litres. Strong on everyday practicality, New C3 Aircross also features a removable luggage shelf that can be stored in a vertical position behind the rear bench when transporting taller objects. As a further ingenious touch, the dual height boot floor provides the option of a flat floor wîth the rear seatbacks folded down.


New C3 Aircross places a premium on the amount of light in the cabin. The new model features a large glazed surface area offering drivers 360° of visibility and impressive amounts of light inside the car. This sensation is enhanced by the relaxing effect of the rear quarter-lights wîth their 'Venetian Blind' design creating a mixture of light and shadow. New C3 Aircross also offers passengers an impressive view of the sky wîth its opening panoramic glass sunroof. Únique in the B SÚV-§egmènt, this feature comes complete wîth a sequential electric control, has an interior glazed area of nearly 1m long, and features a sun blind and LED lighting. The amount of light in the cabin can also be adjusted using the sun blinds in the rear doors.


Another essential component to promote comfort when travelling is storage space. The eminently functional New C3 Aircross benefits from a range of storage compartments. The central console has been designed to store a smartphone wîth a special dock and wireless charging.
The 'penholder' space on the passenger side of the dashboard can accommodate slim objects such as keys, pens and coins. The front door pockets even have enough room for 1.5-litre bottles of water. Rear passengers benefit from extra storage spaces too. The central section of the rear seats can fold down to create an armrest wîth cup holders. This also features a ski flap for transporting long objects.


Faithful to the brand's DNA and the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, New C3 Aircross benefits from Citroën's know-how and provides drivers and passengers wîth peerless travelling comfort. The aim is to make each journey in New C3 Aircross more pleasant and cocoon-like by filtering out external noise and vibrations. The standard-setting comfort on-board New C3 Aircross is demonstrated via:
•seat comfort, wîth broad and generous seat squabs
•suspension comfort, wîth classic Citroën settings for all driving conditions
•sound comfort, wîth meticulous soundproofing and acoustics



Inspired by the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme, the New Citroën C3 Aircross compact SÚV was designed for ease of use. It is equipped wîth intuitive technologies for peace-of-mind and safety at the wheel:
•Keyless entry and start: a hands-free access and start-up system that allows the driver to open and start the vehicle without getting the key out of their pocket or bag
•Colour Head-up Display: bringing the driver useful driving information in his or her line of sight. Projected in colour on a retractable see-through screen, the data (on speed and cruise control/speed limiter settings etc.) is visible continuously, without the driver having to take their eyes off the road
•Top Rear Vision Reversing Camera: for enhanced vision and easier manoeuvres. When the driver shifts into reverse, the camera displays the view behind the vehicle on the 7-inch touchscreen. The image is supplemented by colour reference points indicating the proximity of any obstacles, as well as showing a secondary 180° view of the area behind the car
•Park Assist: making parking manoeuvres more relaxing, easier and safer. Park Assist is an active parking assistance system, for parallel and perpendicular parking. When prompted by the driver, it automatically detects a space then controls the §teering for an entirely safe park. All the driver has to do is shift into reverse, accelerate and brake
•Active Safety Brake: wîth a sound and visual alert to reduce the risk of frontal impact, plus the ability for the system to brake in place of the driver
•Lane Departure Warning System: protects against driver fatigue at the wheel or a simple moment of inattention when travelling over 37mph (60km/h). The system detects the accidental crossing of road markings when the indicator has not been activated, and warns the driver wîth a sound alert and a message on the instrument cluster
•Blind Spot Monitoring System: alerts the driver to the presence of a vehicle in their blind spot via a warning light in the door mirrors on either side of the car
•Speed Sign Recognition and Recommendation: the driver is informed of the speed limit via the instrument cluster and the system records the speed indicated as a setting for the cruise control/speed limiter
•Intelligent Beam Headlights: for safer driving at night, this system automatically switches between high beam and low beam settings when the system detects oncoming traffic
•Driver Assistance Alert: monitors driver behaviour using the multi-function camera on the upper part of the windscreen and alerts them of potential fatigue. This system assesses the driver's attention level by comparing the direction of travel relative to the road markings. It is particularly useful on motorways and at speeds of over 40mph (65km/h)
•Coffee Break Alert: the driver is alerted after driving for two hours at speeds over 43mph (70km/h)
•Grip Control® wîth Hill Descent Assist: for a variety of surfaces and added control on steep inclines.

* Depending on the country


For a more seamless driving experience, New Citroën C3 Aircross delivers continuous connectivity and infotainment via a 7-inch touchscreen. This screen acts as the control centre for the vehicle. For example, it incorporates the air conditioning, radio, telephone and Sat Nav controls. To help customers stay better connected and to improve their driving experience, New C3 Aircross features:
•Wireless Smartphone Charging: This all-new system can be used to induction charge a wide range of smartphones or devices compatible wîth the Qi standard. A charging mat is built into a dedicated storage space in the central console. Wireless electric energy transmission is based on the principle of magnetic induction
•Mirror Screen functionality: With Android Auto, Apple CarPlay™ and MirrorLink®, drivers enjoy the multimedia content and apps on their smartphones in complete safety by replicating and controlling them via the 7-inch touchscreen
•Citroën Connect Nav: Featuring connected 3D navigation wîth voice recognition, this new-generation navigation system comes wîth connected services such as TomTom Traffic, for real-time traffic information, service station and car park localisation and prices, weather information, and a local point-of-interest search function. There is even an accident blackspot warning function
•Citroën Connect Box: Incorporating Citroën's Emergency & Assistance system, this important piece of equipment links to a specialised assistance platform in the event of a breakdown or accident.

Agile in the city, but also equipped wîth all-road attributes for far-flung adventures, the New Citroën C3 Aircross compact SÚV meets the requirements of modern lifestyles. This advanced and people-minded SÚV is customisable, comfortable and characterful. Produced at the Zaragoza plant in Spain, this new-generation compact SÚV will officially go 'on sale' in the ÚK on Wednesday 1 November 2017.

Source - Citroen
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