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◾Vredestein-tyre-clad Alfa Romeo 2000 Bertone wins Wachau Classic

◾Apollo Vredestein has sponsored the Austrian Rally event for two years

◾Apollo Vredestein also supports the UK Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club and XK Series

◾The global manufacturer has a comprehensive sponsorship programme

22 June – Kettering An Alfa Romeo 2000 Bertone, equipped with Vredestein Sportrac 5 tyres, has won the Wachau Classic which took place this month. Apollo Vredestein has been the Austrian driving adventure's main sponsor for two years.

Most of the classic vehicles participating in the competition were equipped with Apollo Vredestein Sprint Classic Tyres.

Part of the global manufacturer's sports event sponsorship programme, the weekend rally takes place through the Wachau forest and across one the most beautiful areas in Austria.

'Sport Classic' (timed sections) and more relaxed 'Weekend Trophy' touring stretches were part of the route, with variable weather with which to contend: a suitable mixture of environments for the Apollo Vredestein Sprint Classic tyres, which performed to their usual high standard.

UK Country Manager and classic car enthusiast Thomas Koerpert said: 'Apollo Vredestein is one of the very few top global manufacturers who offer a classic tyre range alongside their modern tyres; we support classic car owners through both challenging occasions and leisure drives with a comprehensive size selection which combine a vintage look with our cutting-edge technology and modern compounds.'

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    Safety, comfort and performance are top priorities for Apollo Vredestein: the Sprint Classic range, ideal for everyday use as well as Rally or sprint events, sports a stylish sidewall marking and, in larger sizes, a W rating (safe for speeds up to 167mph). The sizes range from 13 to 16 rim, and 134 to 235 widths.

    Other ranges include the Grip Classic for 4x4 vehicles, ensuring optimum grip and handling, and the Transport Classic for vintage commercial vehicles.

    A lot of celebrities, like Rudi Stohl (Vice Rallye Champion 1986) and Herbert Griensteidl attended the Wachau Classic, with the victory going to a well-known couple of classic Rally drivers from Austria, Mr. Jirovsky and Mr. Soukal. They were racing an Alfa Romeo 2000 Bertone equipped with Apollo Vredestein 185/70R14H Sportrac 5 tyres.

    Apollo Vredestein has also been a main sponsor of the Jaguar Enthusiasts' Club and the XK Series for the last 13 years.

    Website: www.vredestein.com

    Twitter handles: @vredestein and @apollotyres

    FACEBOOK page: https://www.facebook.com/Vredestein/

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