FCA US Reports March 2019 Sales

April 2, 2019 by FCA

FCA US Reports March 2019 Sales  •Ram pickup reports new March record as sales increase 9 percent to 45,187 sold

•Jeep® Grand Cherokee notches best March ever as sales rise 26 percent to 24,655 vehicles sold

•Ram brand sets new March record as sales jump 15 percent to 51,822 sold

April 2, 2019 , Auburn Hills, Mich. - FCA US LLC reported a new March record for the Ram brand as sales jumped 15 percent, underscoring the success the company has found in its two-pronged strategy of selling both the Ram 1500 and Ram Classic.

The performance of the Ram brand, combined with a new March record for Jeep® Grand Cherokee, countered general softness within the industry. FCA sold 200,307 vehicles in the month.

'The industry had a tough first quarter but with spring finally starting to show its face and continued strong economic indicators, such as a boost in housing sales, lower lending rates and a strong labor market, we are confident that new vehicle sales demand will strengthen going forward,' U.S Head of Sales Reid Bigland said. 'Meanwhile, our Ram brand sales and average transaction prices continue to be strong and our much anticipated, game-changing Jeep Gladiator pickup is on track for its in-market debut this month.'

Method of Determining FCA US LLC's Monthly Sales. FCA US's reported vehicle sales represent unit sales of vehicles to retail customers, deliveries of vehicles to fleet customers and to others such as FCA US's employees and retirees as well as vehicles used for marketing. Most of these reported sales reflect retail sales made by dealers out of their own inventory of vehicles previously purchased by them from FCA US. Reported vehicle units sales do not correspond to FCA US's reported revenues, which are based on FCA US's sale and delivery of vehicles, and typically recognized upon shipment to the dealer or end customer. As announced on July 26, 2016, FCA US has modified its methodology for monthly sales reporting as follows: • Sales to retail customers by dealers in the U.S. are derived from the New Vehicle Delivery Report ('NVDR') system and are determined as the sum of (A) all sales recorded by dealers during the month net of all unwound transactions recorded to the end of that month (whether the original sale was recorded in the current month or any prior month); plus (B) all sales of vehicles during that month attributable to past unwinds that had previously been reversed in determining monthly sales (in the current or prior months).

• Fleet sales are recorded upon the shipment of the vehicle by FCA US to the customer or end user.
• Other retail sales are recorded either (A) when the sale is recorded in the NVDR system (for sales by dealers in Puerto Rico and limited sales made through distributors that submit NVDRs in the same manner as for sales by U.S. dealers) or (B) upon receipt of a similar delivery notification (for vehicles for which NVDRs are not entered such as vehicles for FCA employees).

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