Auction Houses >> Silver Auctions : 2013

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silver Auction - Spokane$92,25018 items sold for 34%$15,300
Silver Auction - Arizona in the Fall$573,80251 items sold for 28%$55,000
Silver Auction - Portland$1,019,14363 items sold for 38%$111,071
Silver Auction - Sun Valley$1,030,20064 items sold for 52%$60,000
Silver Auction - Little Creek Resort & Casino$341,55234 items sold for 52%$36,000
Silver Auction - Missoula$144,03524 items sold for 36%$31,000
Silver Auction - Federal Court Ordered Auction @ Spokane$242,70027 items sold for 100%$29,750
Silver Auction - Spokane$268,00540 items sold for 48%$38,500
Silver Auction - Coeur d'Alene$743,22851 items sold for 43%$95,000
Silver Auction - DAA Big Sky$974,50092 items sold for 56%$37,700
Silver Auction - Portland$789,28096 items sold for 46%$29,750
Silver Auctions - Arizona in the Spring$1,143,55079 items sold for 49%$38,500
Silver Auction - Ft McDowell, Arizona$2,779,253213 items sold for 59%$58,000

Total Sales: $10,141,498

Information shown is from data collected and may not be complete. Sales figures, high sales and number of sales may not be a accurate. Please refer to the auction company website and company literature for complete information.

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