Auction Houses >> Silver Auctions : 2016

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Silver Auction - Vancouver/Portland$514,05354 items sold for 49%$42,000
Silver Auction - Reno$489,10345 items sold for 31%$45,000
Silver Auction - Sun Valley$1,022,50367 items sold for 44%$96,000
Silver Auction - Little Creek Resort$250,75029 items sold for 41%$32,500
Silver Auction - Jackson Hole$343,23935 items sold for 39%$77,500
Silver Auction - Coeur d'Alene$362,16236 items sold for 43%$43,000
Silver Auction - Missoula$408,71147 items sold for 63%$55,000
Silver Auction - Portland Spring$311,21038 items sold for 41%$26,250
Silver Auction - Arizona in March$1,134,585142 items sold for 35%$69,500
Silver Auction - Arizona in January 2016$3,888,509289 items sold for 58%$135,000

Total Sales: $8,724,825

Information shown is from data collected and may not be complete. Sales figures, high sales and number of sales may not be a accurate. Please refer to the auction company website and company literature for complete information.


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