Auction Houses >> Bonhams : 2017

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Bonhams : London Olympia$4,010,94548 items sold for 53%$619,295
Bonhams : The Beaulieu Sale$4,671,235109 items sold for 85%$346,584
Bonhams : The Bothwell Collection$13,075,92047 items sold for 100%$7,260,000
Bonhams : London to Brighton Run Sale$3,082,14525 items sold for 100%$430,797
Bonhams : The Padua Auction$3,710,69129 items sold for 48%$1,045,357
Bonhams : The Zoute Sale$6,364,34625 items sold for 78%$1,398,713
Bonhams : Philadelphia Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum$3,076,60456 items sold for 85%$1,001,000
Bonhams : The Chantilly Sale$2,313,66219 items sold for 54%$482,876
Bonhams : Goodwood Revival$13,544,29176 items sold for 68%$801,298
Bonhams : Quail Lodge$43,866,90081 items sold for 73%$15,620,000
Bonhams : The Goodwood Festival of Speed$13,099,62057 items sold for 65%$1,168,122
Bonhams : Greenwich Concours$7,404,17084 items sold for 92%$877,250
Bonhams : The Spa Classic Sale$5,494,62548 items sold for 74%$1,263,902
Bonhams : The Aston Martin Sale$6,656,62825 items sold for 60%$725,383
Bonhams : Goodwood Members Meeting$7,017,15369 items sold for 100%$688,304
Bonhams : The Amelia Island Auction$10,335,30072 items sold for 83%$2,227,500
Bonhams : Les Grandes Marques du Monde au Grand Palais$16,030,205101 items sold for 71%$2,139,083
Bonhams : Scottsdale, AZ$36,334,52086 items sold for 81%$7,370,000

Information shown is from data collected and may not be complete. Sales figures, high sales and number of sales may not be a accurate. Please refer to the auction company website and company literature for complete information.


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