Auction Houses >> Kruse International : 2001

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Kruse Auction - Dallas, TX$2,736,635205 items sold for 48%$58,000
Kruse Auction - Santa Clara, CA$1,303,32587 items sold for 35%$95,000
Kruse Auction - Branson, MO$2,051,450168 items sold for 59%$61,000
Kruse Auction - San Antonio, TX$1,202,900125 items sold$45,000
Kruse Auction - Auburn, IN$14,816,975803 items sold for 56%$830,000
Kruse Auction - Flint, MI$165,94913 items sold for 17%$34,250
Kruse Auction - Tulsa, OK$3,710,375240 items sold for 43%$230,000
Kruse Auction - Auburn, IN$3,649,250268 items sold for 47%$74,500
Kruse Auction - Branson, MO$1,744,985148 items sold for 51%$76,500
Kruse Auction - Denver, CO$572,65059 items sold for 30%$82,250
Kruse Auction - Shreveport, LA$734,43064 items sold for 30%$37,000
Kruse Auction - Ft. Myers, FL$735,45054 items sold for 19%$42,500
Kruse Auction - San Antonio, TX$1,841,350166 items sold for 63%$76,000
Kruse Auction - Hot Springs, AR$451,30046 items sold for 31%$39,000
Kruse Auction - Oklahoma City, OK$1,761,600149 items sold for 43%$50,000
Kruse Auction - West Palm Beach, FL$501,20035 items sold for 16%$31,500
Kruse Auction - Scottsdale Arizona$3,311,450212 items sold for 44%$76,000
Kruse Auction - Ft. Lauderdale, FL$3,318,200174 items sold$111,000

Total Sales: $44,609,474

Information shown is from data collected and may not be complete. Sales figures, high sales and number of sales may not be a accurate. Please refer to the auction company website and company literature for complete information.


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