Auction Houses >> Mecum : 2014

AuctionTotal SalesItems SoldHigh Sale
Mecum - Austin$10,654,500310 items sold for 63%$310,000
Mecum - Kansas City$5,610,501240 items sold for 60%$290,000
Mecum : Anaheim$13,709,651394 items sold$2,150,000
Mecum - Chicago$11,173,750403 items sold for 57%$475,000
Mecum - Dallas$24,391,500573 items sold for 61%$680,000
Mecum - Monterey$29,758,000283 items sold for 52%$2,250,000
Mecum : Harrisburg$18,919,400737 items sold for 66%$305,000
Mecum : Seattle$14,164,440345 items sold$3,500,000
Mecum : Indianapolis$34,867,9251055 items sold$885,000
Mecum - Houston$26,200,919523 items sold for 64%$7,000,000
Mecum - Kissimmee$58,123,2251726 items sold for 60%$560,000

Total Sales: $247,573,811

Information shown is from data collected and may not be complete. Sales figures, high sales and number of sales may not be a accurate. Please refer to the auction company website and company literature for complete information.


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