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Packard Twelve Prototype Concept Information
Packard Twelve Prototype

In keeping true to the Packard legacy the Packard Twelve Prototype of the late 1990s was designed and built as a unique ultra luxury high performance full size American vehicle with moderately progressive......
Packard Predictor Concept Concept Information
Packard Predictor Concept

The Packard Predictor was one of the company s last triumphs The Predictor s design is credited to Richard Teague and it was built on a stock Clipper chassis by Ghia Ghia completed the project in an......
Packard Request Concept Concept Information
Packard Request Concept

Displaying Packard s new style for 1955 **** Teague convinced Packard president James Nance that their newest show car should pay tribute to the classic vertical grille Creative Industries did the modification......
Packard Panther Daytona Concept Concept Information
Packard Panther Daytona Concept

The story of the very first Packards is a classic tale of American ambition James Ward Packard purchased a Winton automobile in the late 1890 s Unsatisfied with his new car the man was convinced he......
Packard Balboa Concept Concept Information
Packard Balboa Concept

Packard was one of the leading luxury marques and one of the oldest car companies in America with the first Packard built in 1899 The company began life as the Ohio Automobile Company based on Warren......
Packard Monte Carlo Concept Information
Packard Monte Carlo

The second Packard show car to appear in 1953 also featured a special roof or rather part of one The Monte Carlo was based not on the limited production Caribbean but on Packard s popular 2 door......
Packard Pan American Concept Information
Packard Pan American

Since the mid 1930s the Henney Motor Company had been the exclusive builder of Packard s commercial cars In 1952 Henney s president Charles Russell Feldman struck a deal with Packard president Hugh......
Packard Panther Macauley Concept Information
Packard Panther Macauley

The Packard Panther was built in house as a personal car for Edward Macauley Packard s Director of Styling in 1951 Parts were used from production Packard s and given a wheelbase that measured 122 inches......
Packard Saga Magazine Concept Concept Information
Packard Saga Magazine Concept

In 1952 Saga Magazine held a contest for concept car design This Packard design won and was featured on the cover of the magazine The car was never built In 2001 California collector Carl......
Packard Henney Concept Information
Packard Henney

Although not considered a Packard show car this unique vehicle is guaranteed to turn heads at any gathering of collector cars The basis for this was a lowly 1951 200 business coupe the lowest priced......
Packard Eight Concept Concept Information
Packard Eight Concept

In 1948 Packard sales were declining against the might of GM and Ford while Carrozzeria Vignale was headed in the other direction The Italian coachbuilder offered the possibility of revitalize the Packard......
Packard Vignale Victoria Concept Information
Packard Vignale Victoria

Unlike General Motors Chrysler and Ford independent Packard lacked the financial might of its competitors In order to provide some added cachet to its lineup and invigorate stagnating sales Packard......

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