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Why Concept Cars?

Manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new technology and styling, and to gauge customer reaction. These are known as show cars, production-intent vehicles, and prototype vehicles. They are often radical designs that employ non-traditional exotic or expensive materials. Concept designs are changed and finalized prior to entering production often due to practicality, regulatory compliance, unprofitability, and safety reasons.

Most drawings, computer designs, and concept cars never evolve past scale models. Many are non-operational and without drivetrains or working accessories. If the concept is drivable, the drivetrain is often sourced from a production vehicle within the same company.

After the concept car has served its purpose, they are usually destroyed.

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Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept Concept Information
2018 Volvo 360c Autonomous Concept

Imagine a world in which you travel long distances without the need for airports. A world in which you can avoid airport security, hours of queuing and waiting, and noisy, cramped airliners. What if,......
Volvo Concept 40.1 Concept Information
2016 Volvo Concept 40.1

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, today unveiled two new concept cars that move the Swedish brand in an audacious new direction and mark the official launch of its global small-car strategy.Todays......
Volvo Concept 40.2 Concept Information
2016 Volvo Concept 40.2

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, today unveiled two new concept cars that move the Swedish brand in an audacious new direction and mark the official launch of its global small-car strategy.Todays......
Volvo Concept XC Coupé Concept Information
2014 Volvo Concept XC Coupé

ROCKLEIGH, N.J. (Dec. 11, 2013) - In September, the Volvo Concept Coupé was launched to critical acclaim and many awards, and represented the worlds first insight into Volvo Car Groups (Volvo Cars)......
Volvo Estate Concept Concept Information
2014 Volvo Estate Concept

Volvo Car Group will use the Geneva Motor Show to reveal the third in a series of concept cars – the Concept Estate – that continues the widely-admired exterior design language revealed in the first two......
Volvo Concept Coupé Concept Information
2013 Volvo Concept Coupé

Inspired by contemporary, progressive Scandinavian lifestyle and design as well as iconic elements from the past, the elegant new Volvo Concept Coupé is the first of a series of three concept cars that......
Volvo S60 Polestar Concept Concept Information
2013 Volvo S60 Polestar Concept

With the glamour and bright lights that symbolize the City of Angels, what better place for the global auto show debut of the Volvo S60 Polestar Concept than the 2012 Los Angeles Auto Show After all,......
Volvo Concept You Concept Information
2012 Volvo Concept You

The Volvo Car Corporation now takes the next bold step in the evolution of the companys upcoming large luxury sedan.The Concept You, revealed at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, combines a sleek coupe-like......
Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept Concept Information
2012 Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept

At the 2012 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Volvo Car Corporation will unveil an innovative gasoline plug-in hybrid. The Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept is an electric car, a......
Volvo Air Motion Concept Concept Information
2011 Volvo Air Motion Concept

Imagine...A vehicle lighter than a Formula 1 racing car... Experiencing the adrenaline rush of carving through the canyons with up to 3 friends... Not using a drop of gasoline... Now just imagine......
Volvo Concept Universe Concept Information
2011 Volvo Concept Universe

At the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2011, Volvo Car Corporation visualises a masterpiece of Scandinavian Design for car buyers with exquisite tastes. The Concept Universe is a large, luxurious sedan......
Volvo C30 Polestar Performance Concept Concept Information
2010 Volvo C30 Polestar Performance Concept

This weekend Volvo Cars and Polestar enter their fifteenth consecutive motorsport season in the Swedish Touring Car Championship (STCC) as reigning champions. But even before the racing cars exit......
Volvo S60 Concept Concept Information
2009 Volvo S60 Concept

Here is the first glimpse of Volvo Cars next concept car. The Volvo S60 Concept will be unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show in early January 2009 - and it gives a clear indication of what the all-new......
Volvo ReCharge Concept Concept Information
2008 Volvo ReCharge Concept

Volvo Cars is introducing the Volvo ReCharge Concept, a plug-in hybrid with individual electric wheel motors and batteries that can be recharged via a regular electrical outlet for maximum environmental......
Volvo XC60 Concept Concept Information
2007 Volvo XC60 Concept

Volvo Car Corporation today released the first official images of the XC60 Concept that will be unveiled at the upcoming North American International Auto Show. Scheduled to be shown to the world January......
Volvo XC70 Surf Rescue Safety Concept Concept Information
2007 Volvo XC70 Surf Rescue Safety Concept

- Its only fitting that a SEMA concept car from Volvo be focused on safety. Its a natural fit. Yet 2007 marks the first year that Volvo has built a SEMA vehicle with a specific safety theme enter......
Volvo C30 Concept Information
2006 Volvo C30

In cooperation with Volvo Cars North America, Heico Sportiv has created a versatile version of Volvos new compact C30 model before the model hits the streets in North America.The Volvo C30 T5 by......
Volvo C30 Concept Concept Information
2006 Volvo C30 Concept

Las Vegas, Nevada (October 31, 2006) – Take the outrageous notion of blending a Formula One car with a hot European street machine and youve got the idea behind the Volvo C30 concept by Evolve Cars......
Volvo C30 Concept Concept Information
2006 Volvo C30 Concept

Whether its shock, awe or envy, the Volvo C30 SC concept by International Product Development (IPD) elicits raw emotion – like a Vegas skydiving wedding. In this case its a marriage of a street-smart......
Volvo C30 Design Concept Concept Information
2006 Volvo C30 Design Concept

We know there are large numbers of fairly young, successful people who are attracted by our brand, but who still cannot find a model in our range that exactly matches their taste and lifestyle. The Volvo......
Volvo 3CC Concept Concept Information
2005 Volvo 3CC Concept

From the outside, the Volvo 3CC has an iconic funky-cool tapered shape designed to make a dynamic statement that nonetheless is unmistakably Volvo. Under the hood is an electric powertrain that quietly......
Volvo VCC Concept Concept Information
2004 Volvo VCC Concept

A hint of the future of Volvo car design was unveiled amid a flurry of photographers flashbulbs at the 73rd Geneva International Motor Show. The Volvo Versatility Concept Car (VCC) takes the estate concept......
Volvo YCC Concept Concept Information
2004 Volvo YCC Concept

The YCC is a car of many contrasts. It is functional and user friendly, yet sporty and emotional. Its exterior styling strikes a balance between all these qualities. That is why the YCC haso a low......
Volvo PCC2 Concept Information
2003 Volvo PCC2

The Volvo PCC2 is a medium-sized estate where the emphasis is on performance - 300 bhp of power combined with All-Wheel Drive and the all-new Volvo chassis design FOUR-C (Continuously Controlled Chassis......
Volvo ACC2 Concept Information
2002 Volvo ACC2

The Volvo Adventure Concept Car 2 (ACC2) has been developed to demonstrate that the Volvo Cross Country has an exciting future. The ACC2 is a concept study for a high-performance sports activity vehicle......
Volvo ACC Concept Concept Information
2001 Volvo ACC Concept

The Volvo Car Corporation is now preparing itself for the leap into the demanding and expansive SUV segment. The Volvo Adventure Concept Car (ACC), which will be given its first showing at the international......
Volvo SCC Concept Concept Information
2001 Volvo SCC Concept

The main theme of the Volvo Safety Concept Car (SCC) was superior visibility. However, the car also featured technology to boost personal safety, as well as improved passive safety systems.The SCC......
Volvo S60 PCC Concept Concept Information
2000 Volvo S60 PCC Concept

With one of the worlds most advanced dynamically controlled chassis, an electronically managed four-wheel drive and 300 bhp, Volvos Performance Concept Car is a future study in high-performance engineering.......
Volvo ECC Concept Concept Information
1992 Volvo ECC Concept

The Volvo ECC (Environmental Concept Car) was unveiled in 1992 as a study of what a safe, environmentally optimised and comfortable family might look like in the year 2000. The ECC attracted immense......
Volvo LCP2000 Concept Information
1983 Volvo LCP2000

The Volvo LCP2000 (Light Component Prototype) was a concept car produced by Volvo in 1983. Four examples were built with each having minor technical differences. They made their debut at the environmental......

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