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Why Concept Cars?

Manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new technology and styling, and to gauge customer reaction. These are known as show cars, production-intent vehicles, and prototype vehicles. They are often radical designs that employ non-traditional exotic or expensive materials. Concept designs are changed and finalized prior to entering production often due to practicality, regulatory compliance, unprofitability, and safety reasons.

Most drawings, computer designs, and concept cars never evolve past scale models. Many are non-operational and without drivetrains or working accessories. If the concept is drivable, the drivetrain is often sourced from a production vehicle within the same company.

After the concept car has served its purpose, they are usually destroyed.

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Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept Concept Information
2019 Alfa Romeo Tonale Concept

Alfa Romeo is breaking into the electric car world at the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show with the new Alfa Romeo Tonale mid-size SUV concept. The Tonale is the first plug-in hybrid and the first......
Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept Concept Information
2013 Alfa Romeo Gloria Concept

At the 83rd Geneva Motor Show, the European Design Institute (IED) of Turin is presenting the world première of Gloria, the concept by the Master in Transportation Design in collaboration with the Alfa......
Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Concept Concept Information
2012 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Concept

The international stage of the 2012 Geneva Motor Show will witness yet another world premiere from Touring Superleggera. The Milan-based coachbuilder celebrates the 60th anniversary of the 1952 Alfa Romeo......
Alfa Romeo 4C Concept Concept Information
2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Concept

At the 81st Geneva International Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept will make its debut, a compact supercar which represents the true essence of a sports car, according to the brands values performance,......
Alfa Romeo 4C Fluid Metal Concept Concept Information
2011 Alfa Romeo 4C Fluid Metal Concept

Unveiled in a world premier at the Geneva Motor Show last April and voted Most Beautiful Concept Car of the Year by the readers of the German magazine, Auto Bild, the Alfa Romeo 4C Concept exhibited......
Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept Concept Information
2010 Alfa Romeo 2uettottanta Concept

For those who still like to dream in a car. For those looking for a mixture of vanity, entertainment, and the pleasure of life in the open air. For those who love icons as the greatest expression......
Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept Concept Information
2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept

After a two year absence from the international scene, Bertone returned to the Geneva Motor Show, unveiling the Alfa Romeo Pandion Concept car an aggressive yet beautiful coupé designed as a tribute......
Alfa Romeo Spider Concept Concept Information
2010 Alfa Romeo Spider Concept

Pininfarina discloses the first official image of its new concept car, world debut on March 2nd at the Geneva Motor Show.The Pininfarina new concept is meant to be part of the tradition of successful......
Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept Concept Information
2009 Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA Concept

A high performance concept of the new Alfa MiTo, the Alfa MiTo GTA, will be starring at this years Geneva International Motor Show in early March.In line with the famous GTA (Gran Turismo Alleggerito)......
Alfa Romeo BAT 11 Concept Information
2008 Alfa Romeo BAT 11

– B.A.T. 11 will make its North American debut at the 30th Annual Meadow Brook Concours dElegance on August 3 in Rochester. This eagerly-anticipated news in the car world, event organizers say, is also......
Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione Concept Information
2003 Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione

Daniele Bandiera, President of the Alfa Romeo Business Unit, presented an exciting concept car to the international press this morning. It is called the 8c Competizione and it joins the other important......
Alfa Romeo Kamal Concept Information
2003 Alfa Romeo Kamal

Making its world debut in Geneva is the Kamal, an original model that marks an authentic conceptual and stylistic leap in the international motoring scene. New scenarios and brand new segments are opening......
Alfa Romeo Brera Concept Concept Information
2002 Alfa Romeo Brera Concept

The new Alfa Romeo Brera is to make its international public debut at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show in March, the same venue that was chosen for the first public appearance in 2002 of the original Giorgetto......
Alfa Romeo Dardo Concept Information
1998 Alfa Romeo Dardo

The world was introduced to the Alfa Romeo Dardo at the 1998 Turin Autoshow. It was designed by the legendary design studio, Pininfarina and was shared its design inspiration from the Alfa Romeo 156.......
Alfa Romeo Scighera Concept Information
1997 Alfa Romeo Scighera

In 1968 Italdesign was born, created by two innovative Italian designers, Giorgio Giugiaro and Aldo Mantovani. Italdesign is famed for placing an indelible mark on our automotive generation. The name......
Alfa Romeo Nuvola Concept Concept Information
1996 Alfa Romeo Nuvola Concept

Concept cars are back, with a name full of imaginative appeal Nuvola (Cloud in Italian). This is the name given to the concept car which occupies pride of position on the Alfa Romeo stand at the......
1983 Alfa Romeo Delfino

The Bertone Delfino came out when the 1983 Geneva Motor Show was on. Its presentation was evidence of the manufacturers faith in the type of niche product it represented the elegant-sporty coupé. The......
Alfa Romeo Caimano Concept Information
1971 Alfa Romeo Caimano

This one-of-a-kind concept car today belongs to the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese (Milan), which is also known as the Time Machine. The car was built on the chassis of the Alfasud and presented to a stunned......
Alfa Romeo Carabo Concept Concept Information
1968 Alfa Romeo Carabo Concept

At the end of the 1960s Bertone focussed his creative energies on prototypes. The Turin designers creativity and daring reached its peak in 1968 with the Carabo, which was presented at the Paris Motor......
Alfa Romeo Canguro Concept Information
1964 Alfa Romeo Canguro

Most of the Alfa Romeo TZ2s received their bodies from the Milan based coachbuilder, Zagato. Two, however, received custom coachwork by Bertone and Pininfarina. The example bodied by Bertones own......
Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 9 Concept Information
1955 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 9

In 1955 Bertone turned in the final design for the B.A.T. project, a series of prototypes which represented the peak of styling creativity at the time. The B.A.T. 9 did away with the marked wing lines......
Alfa Romeo Giulietta Prototype Concept Information
1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Prototype

The 1954 Alfa Romeo Giulietta was an important vehicle for the Company because it was the first offering since World War II that truly resembled the racing-inspired vehicles Alfa was capable of producing.......
Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva Concept Information
1954 Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportiva

The engine with its reasonable power and the aerodynamic style made the Alfa Romeo 2000 Sportives a very advanced car. The whole, in a sense, was the forerunner of Giulietta Sprint.The Alfa Romeo......
Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7 Concept Information
1954 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 7

The famous and renowned coachbuilder Bertone was tasked by Alfa Romeo to build an aerodynamic experimentation to measure the effects of streamlining on a cars performance. Scaglione was tasked with aiding......
Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 5 Concept Information
1953 Alfa Romeo B.A.T. 5

The first BAT (5) was built in 1953, when most other carmakers had never even imagined tailfins and long before there was a Batmobile on television, said Mounger. The BAT 7, built in 1954, was even......
Alfa Romeo Pescara Prototype Concept Information
1934 Alfa Romeo Pescara Prototype

This one-of-a-kind 1934 Alfa Romeo Pescara Prototype was built to race at Le Mans. It has some very unique features for the time period, such as front and rear torsion bar suspension that is adjustable......

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