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Why Concept Cars?

Manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new technology and styling, and to gauge customer reaction. These are known as show cars, production-intent vehicles, and prototype vehicles. They are often radical designs that employ non-traditional exotic or expensive materials. Concept designs are changed and finalized prior to entering production often due to practicality, regulatory compliance, unprofitability, and safety reasons.

Most drawings, computer designs, and concept cars never evolve past scale models. Many are non-operational and without drivetrains or working accessories. If the concept is drivable, the drivetrain is often sourced from a production vehicle within the same company.

After the concept car has served its purpose, they are usually destroyed.

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Lancia Ypsilon VERSUS Concept Concept Information
Lancia Ypsilon VERSUS Concept

It will be introduced at the 2008 International Paris Motor Show, a Lancia Ypsilon VERSUS show car produced with the Versace Group brand that will also dress the models on the stand with garments chosen......
Lancia Concept Delta HPE Concept Information
Lancia Concept Delta HPE

The focus in the exhibition area is on the Lancia Delta HPE Concept car - inspired by the elegant, sporty, practical car concept embodied by the Lancia Beta HPE in the late Seventies - which proposes......
Lancia Ypsilon Sport Concept Concept Information
Lancia Ypsilon Sport Concept

The real focus of attention on the stand is the Lancia Ypsilon Sport concept car. This original prototype, developed with the Zagato Design Centre, marks Lancias return to the sports car world. The model......
Lancia Thesis Stola S85 Concept Information
Lancia Thesis Stola S85

In 2004 Stola S.p.A. introduced the S 85 prototype at the Geneva Auto Show to commemorate the companies 85 years in business. The S85 is based on the Lancia Thesis, a tribute to the relationship Stola......
Lancia Granturismo Concept Concept Information
Lancia Granturismo Concept

The guest of honour on our stand in Bologna is the Lancia Granturismo, a concept car of great stylistic appeal. More than that, it is a veritable live testing ground for the shapes and motifs of Lancia......
Lancia NEA Concept Concept Information
Lancia NEA Concept

The Bologna motor show is also the Italian première of the Nea, a concept car that is also a veritable travelling companion discreet and never pushy, but able to take you by the hand and guide you (literally)......
Lancia Dialogos Concept Concept Information
Lancia Dialogos Concept

The Lancia Dialogos was first shown to the public at the 1998 Turin Motor Show. It was a large executive saloon that showcased many styling, safety, and technological features. Many of the ideas shown......
Lancia Stratos Zero Concept Information
Lancia Stratos Zero

In terms of car design, the most original idea to come out of 1970 was a futuristic prototype by the name of Stratos 0, fruit of Bertone inspiration. It all started with the idea of mounting the engine......
Lancia Fulvia HF Competizione Concept Information
Lancia Fulvia HF Competizione

This prototype was presented by Carrozzeria Ghia, employing Lancia Fulvia HF mechanics and engine, at the Geneva and Turin Auto Show in 1969. The prototype was then modified and tested on the Le Mans......
Lancia Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray 2 Concept Information
Lancia Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray 2

Blue Ray 2 was created in 1958 by Enrico Nardi. The car debuted at the Turin Motor Show that same year. It is built on a heavily modified Lancia Aurelia B24 4th Series chassis. The coachwork was designed......
Lancia Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray 1 Concept Information
Lancia Aurelia Nardi Blue Ray 1

Blue Ray 1, completed in September 1955, is perhaps the most fantastic creation of Enrico Nardi. It was first shown at the Turin Auto Show and subsequently shown at the Paris and New York Auto Shows.......
Lancia Aurelia B52 PF200 Concept Information
Lancia Aurelia B52 PF200

Lancia was founded in 1906 by Fiat race drivers Vincenzo Lancia and pal Claudio Fogolin. Known for innovation, Lancia pioneered independent suspension at a time when live axles were typically used, and......

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