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Why Concept Cars?

Manufacturers use concept cars to showcase new technology and styling, and to gauge customer reaction. These are known as show cars, production-intent vehicles, and prototype vehicles. They are often radical designs that employ non-traditional exotic or expensive materials. Concept designs are changed and finalized prior to entering production often due to practicality, regulatory compliance, unprofitability, and safety reasons.

Most drawings, computer designs, and concept cars never evolve past scale models. Many are non-operational and without drivetrains or working accessories. If the concept is drivable, the drivetrain is often sourced from a production vehicle within the same company.

After the concept car has served its purpose, they are usually destroyed.

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Lotus Evora GT4  Concept Concept Information
2019 Lotus Evora GT4 Concept

Marking a return to the international racing arena, one of the most famous names in competitive motorsport, Lotus, launches its brand new Evora GT4 Concept. Using 70-plus years of engineering innovation......
Lotus Evora GTE China Edition Concept Information
2012 Lotus Evora GTE China Edition

The 2012 Beijing International Auto Show kicks off today, and Lotus Cars is showing off its full model range for the first time, including a very special supercar thats been custom-made for China.......
Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept Concept Information
2012 Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept

The new Lotus Evora GTE Road Car Concept will be unveiled to the world for the first time within the Lotus exhibit at the McCalls Motorworks Revival event Wednesday night, August 17, at the Monterey......
Lotus Elite Concept Concept Information
2011 Lotus Elite Concept

Ten days ahead of the official unveil at the Paris Motor Show the sun starts to rise for the dawn of Lotus new era - the Elite will redefine modern classic. So here it is, the Lotus Elite, the first......
Lotus Elan Concept Concept Information
2010 Lotus Elan Concept

The Lotus Elan Concept combines a muscular physique with perfect poise. True to the Lotus ethos add speed, add lightness, the Elan is designed to deliver a thrilling driving experience with stunning......
Lotus Elise Concept Concept Information
2010 Lotus Elise Concept

The Lotus Elise Concept was introduced at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, where it was joined by several other concepts from the Lotus marque. Powering the Elise is a 2-liter supercharged four-cylinder engine......
Lotus Esprit Concept Concept Information
2010 Lotus Esprit Concept

The new Lotus Esprit represents the very essence of exclusive supercar driving. It picks up and exceeds the legacy of its forefathers. Think of it as a statement of superiority. Think of it as Lotus......
Lotus Eterne Concept Concept Information
2010 Lotus Eterne Concept

At the 2010 Paris Motor Show, Lotus unveiled this four-door sedan hybrid. Mounted in the front is a five-liter V8 sourced From Toyota. It delivers 620 horsepower which is sent to the rear wheels, giving......
Lotus Evora Carbon Concept Concept Information
2010 Lotus Evora Carbon Concept

The multi-award winning Lotus Evora provides the basis of the stunning carbon design concept unveiled at the 80th Geneva Motorshow. The car boasts a stylish carbon fibre, leather and alcantara interior,......
Lotus Evora S Concept Information
2010 Lotus Evora S

Ahead of the official unveil at the Paris Motor Show on September 30th, Lotus announce the latest evolution of the award winning Evora – the Evora S and Evora IPS (Intelligent Precision Shift) option.Lotus......
Lotus Exige GT3 Concept Concept Information
2007 Lotus Exige GT3 Concept

Lotus Sport, the race car performance arm of Lotus Cars Ltd, today unveiled the Lotus Exige GT3 concept road vehicle. With its debut at the 77th annual Geneva International Motor Show, the 275 PS......
Lotus APX Concept Information
2006 Lotus APX

APX by Lotus Engineering (APX stands for Aluminium Performance Crossover) is the first example of a complete vehicle built on the innovative Versatile Vehicle Architecture (VVA). APX is a demonstration......
Lotus Circuit Car Concept Information
2006 Lotus Circuit Car

The prototype Lotus Circuit Car will run for the first time at the oldest motorsport venue in the world, the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb, during the Centenary celebrations. Based on the strong, stiff......
Lotus Exige 265E Concept Concept Information
2006 Lotus Exige 265E Concept

Lotus Engineering has developed a bio-ethanol E85 version of the Lotus Exige. The research vehicle is a true Lotus (it weighs just 2050 lbs unladen) and is called the Lotus Exige 265E. 265 indicates the......
Lotus Exige Cup Concept Information
2006 Lotus Exige Cup

A prototype of the Lotus Sport Exige GT3 race car was unveiled at the annual FIA GT Championship presentation ceremony outside the world famous Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco on 02 December, 2005. The......
Lotus Enjoy Concept Concept Information
2003 Lotus Enjoy Concept

Pininfarina hosted one of the most keenly awaited unveilings of the 73rd Geneva International Motorshow, and with Lotus Engineerings expertise under the skin, the beauty of Enjoy runs to its very heart......
Lotus Extreme Concept Concept Information
2000 Lotus Extreme Concept

The Lotus Extreme Concept was unveiled at the Coventry University Design Show and the British International Motor Show. In conjunction with Lotus, the vehicle was designed and built by student Ted Mannerfeit.......

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