Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum

Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum April 2006
Over a hundred years ago, the automobile was slowly evolving as the primary means of transportation. Each vehicle was experimentation in design, feasibility, practicality, functionality, and ability. Roads were being built that could safely accommodate these rapidly evolving masterpieces. Steam, petroleum, and electricity were the primary sources of power. Fueling stations began springing up throughout the country. Racing became one of the most effective means of advertisement and a way to prove a vehicles speed and durability. Motorized carriages turned into automobiles. Custom built vehicles faded out as the faster and more cost-effective assembly line pieced together the automobile. During the early 1900s, there were hundreds of automobile manufacturers all producing vehicles in low numbers, many with less than 50 units per year. Their interpretation of what a vehicle 'should be' varied. The placement of the engine, the size of the wheelbase, and the overall build of the coachwork were just a few of the items that fluctuated from year-to-year, and marque-to-marque.

Enough cannot be said about the excellence, staff, vehicles, and dedication of the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum. A few years ago a television show proclaimed that 'Cleveland Rocks!' One visit to the Crawford will make anyone a believer. The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum is home to over 80 automobiles, motorcycles, and airplanes; many of the vehicles are pre-WWI. To see the evolution of the automobile from the late 1890's to the present is truly impressive. Seeing vehicles that used tiller steering wheel and large wooden wheels is a rarity and the Crawford has amassed a wide collection with these features.

The city of Cleveland has a very impressive history in the production of automobiles and the Crawford has done a fantastic job at recreating the history and preserving the memories. There were over 80 automotive models that originated in the Cleveland area between 1898 and 1931. Alexander Winton of Cleveland began producing automobiles in 1898. It has been said that by 1903 he was the largest automotive producer in the world. His specialty built Winton Bullet racers would go on to define new speed records and continued to push the envelope.

Their passion and dedication is commendable and the collection is enviable and inspiring.


1889 Winton Phaeton Stanhope  
1897 Panhard Brougham  
1899 Winton Motor Carriage Phaeton  
1900 Benz Duc Vis-a-Vis Victoria  
1901 Packard Model C  
1902 White Model B  
1902 Winton Bullet No. 1  
1903 Hoffman General Utility  
1903 Winton Bullet No. 2  
1904 Baker Newport Electric  
1904 Royal Model O  
1904 White Model D  
1907 Ford Model K  
1907 Studebaker Model H  
1907 Winton Model M  
1909 Ford Model T  
1909 Simplex 90 HP  
1910 Duryea Electa Phaeton  
1910 Stearns Model 15-30  
1910 Stevens Duryea Model Y  

1911 Hupmobile Model 20  
1911 Packard Model Thirty  
1912 Pierce Arrow Model 36  
1913 Alco Model Six  
1913 Baker WB Roadster  
1914 Ford Model T  
1914 Peerless Model 60-Six  
1915 Ford Model T  
1915 White Model Thirty  
1916 Chandler Model Six  
1916 Owen Magnetic Model O-36  
1916 Rauch and Lang JX6 Double Control  
1916 Woods Mobilette Model 5  
1917 Stearns SKL-5  
1920 Cleveland Model 40  
1920 Jordan Motor Model M Playboy  
1920 Mercer Series 5  
1920 White Model 15  

1922 Dodge Series I  
1922 Templar A-445  
1923 Ford Model T Depot Hack  
1924 Ford Model T  
1924 Rollin Model G Sedan  
1925 Rollin Model G  
1926 Chandler Model 33 A  
1928 Ford Model A  
1928 Franklin Airman  
1929 Ford Model A  
1929 Jordan Motor Model G Speedboy  
1929 Minerva Type AM  
1930 Belanger Indy Special  
1930 Dodge DD Six  
1930 Packard Series 745 Deluxe Eight  
1930 Pierce Arrow Model B  

1932 Peerless V-16 Prototype  
1934 Ford Model 40 DeLuxe  
1935 Auburn Model 851  
1935 Chrysler Airflow Imperial Series C-2  
1936 Pontiac Master Six  
1937 Cord 812  
1939 Lincoln Zephyr  
1940 Nash Ambassador Six-Series 4020  
1941 Buick Series 50 Super  
1941 Cadillac Series 60 Special  
1941 Mercury Model 19A  
1948 Chrysler Town and Country  
1949 Chevrolet 3100  
1950 MG TD  

1955 Ford Mainline  
1956 Chevrolet Corvette C1  
1956 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL  
1958 Chrysler 300D  
1959 Chevrolet Impala Series  
1962 Ford Country Squire  
1963 Chevrolet Corvette  
1964 Chevrolet Corvair Series  
1964 Ford Galaxie 500  
1964 Studebaker Avanti  
1965 Aston Martin DB5  
1965 Pontiac Tempest LeMans  
1966 AMC AMX Prototype  
1967 Ferrari 365 California  
1975 Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado  
1981 DeLorean DMC-12  
1982 March 82C  
1999 GMC EV1  

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