Bossa Nova Roars

Bossa Nova Roars July 2006
Located on 7th street in downtown Pittsburgh is a trendy and hip bar/restaurant named Bossa Nova that is renowned for its tapas, exotic cocktails, and martinis. It features a unique space with a cozy lounge, dramatic bar, and an eclectic blend of music, art and sculpture. It is located on the edge of the cultural district and tends to attract young, up-and-coming professionals. Bordered by the Roberto Clemente bridge with views of PNC Park, this location and atmosphere was perfect to entice the potential next-generation of high-end exotic vehicle owners and to stir enthusiasm for the weekend's Vintage Grand Prix.

On Wednesday evening, the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix, enthusiasts, and general public were invited to an evening of cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and road-racing masterpieces. On display were an impressive array of mostly British automobiles that included marques such as Turner, Lotus, Lola, Rolls-Royce, and Aston Martin.

The small and lightweight Elva's, Lotus's, Lola's, and Turners featured engines that were equally as compact and lightweight, mostly in the 800-1500cc range. Sitting directly behind these machines was another compact vehicle but one built by the legendary Carroll Shelby, the Shelby Cobra. It was equipped with an eight-cylinder engine which not only makes it a pleasure to drive but also a beast to control.

There were only 19 Lola MKI's and approximately 150 examples of the Turner MKI ever produced. Many were sold in Europe with a few making their way to the United States. Seeing these machines race is a rarity but seeing them on public streets is truly a sight to behold.

Though the combination of alcohol and vehicles is highly condemned, this was one occasion where the marriage was truly blissful.



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