Walnut Street Invitational Car Show in Shadyside

Walnut Street Invitational Car Show in Shadyside July 2011
There were over 125 vehicles in attendance, all by invitation only. This is one of the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix's most exclusive events of the ten-day celebration. Space is limited and only those holding an invitation are allowed the prime parking real-estate. It was a very diverse group, with many makes-and-models in attendance, encompassing many years and all types of vehicles.

If the cars were unable to hold the visitors attention, the beautiful scenery and shops were a great diversion. Shadyside, PA is located in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End, with the shops and boutiques on Walnut Street and Ellsworth Avenue adding to the allure of the area. The surrounding area is filled with many stately Victorian mansions, well-maintained homes, and carefully restored masterpieces. Since the early 1920s, it has been home to many affluent families and young professionals. The name drew its inspiration from the Pennsylvania Railroad Station that was in the area many years ago when there were there were just woods and farmland. At that time it had many shady lanes, adding to the inspiration for the town name.


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