Adjustable steering wheel $48   
 Air conditioner $474   
 Automatic headlight control $45   
 Controlled diff. $54   
 Door guards $4-7  $4 for two-door styles and $7 for four-door 
 E-Z-Eye glass $52   
 Electric door locks $46-70  $46 for two-door styles and $70 for four-door 
 Front seat belts $22   
 Leather upholstery $134  for styles 6339B and 6357J 
 License plate frame $6   
 Padded roof $91  for style 6357J 
 Power ventipanes $73   
 Power window regulators $118   
 Radio $165-247  $165 with rear seat speaker and $247 with rear seat speaker and remote-control 
 Rear seat belts $22   
 Remote control trunk lock $53   
 Six-way power seat $85-113  depending on body style 
 White sidewall tires 8.20 x 15 four-ply  five tires and a $57 exchange 
Prices ranged from $4 - $474

Concepts by Cadillac

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