8.00 x 14 whitewall tires $40   
 8.50 x 14 whitewall tires   
 Back-up lights $9   
 Carpeting $12   
 Contour floor mats/front and rear   
 Courtesy lights   
 Curb signals   
 Dial-A-Temp a.c./heater $418   
 Dial-A-Temp heater and defroster $92   
 Dual exhaust $23   
 Electric clock $16   
 Electric windshield wipers   
 Engine compartment light   
 Excess speed warning light   
 Exhaust deflector/single or dual   
 Extra-cooling radiator and fan   
 Foam front seat cushion $21   
 Foam rear seat cushion   
 Front bumper guards   
 Front seat belts   
 Fuel and vacuum booster pump   
 Fuel level warning light   
 Full wheel covers $13   
 Full wheel covers with appliques and spinner   
 Glove compartment light   
 Hooded outside mirror   
 Inside non-glare rearview mirror   
 License plate frames   
 Locking fuel tank cap   
 Luggage compartment light   
 Oil filter $9   
 Oil level warning light   
 Open door warning light   
 Overdrive transmission $127  Ford-based models only 
 Padded instrument panel $23   
 Padded sun visors  included in padded dash safety package 
 Paper air cleaner   
 Parking brake warning light   
 Power brakes $38   
 Power steering $85   
 Power windows $101   
 Push-button radio/manual antenna $92   
 Rear bumper guards   
 Rear door safety locks  four doors only 
 Rear seat speaker $16   
 Rear-mounted antenna/single or dual   
 Rocker panel moldings   
 Seat covers   
 Spotlight/left and right   
 Standard-style out-side mirror/left and right   
 Station-seeking radio/electric antenna $144   
 Tachometer $15   
 Three-speed automatic transmission with column lever control $218   
 Three-speed automatic transmission/push-button Teletouch Drive   
 Tinted glass $34   
 Traffic light reflector   
 Tri-tone paint   
 Two-tone paint $17  on top or scallop or top and scallop 
 Vacuum-booster windshield wipers $12   
 Windshield washer $12   
Prices ranged from $8 - $418

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