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1909 Gobron-Brillie Model 70/90 Tourer

One of the best-known and most individual pioneer French cars, the Gobron-Brille was made by the partnership of Gustav Gobron and Eugene Brillie. In an effort to make a more efficient engine, Gobron and his engineers came up with a vertical-opposed plan - that is, two pistons per cylinder using a crankshaft and journal with rods passing between the cylinders to operate the top pistons. The 1909 chassis under this Victoria Tourer carriage work carries a massive 11,398-cc, six-cylinder, 12-piston power plant. It has a four-speed selective transmission, and double chain drive with two brake pedals, one for each rear wheel. The carriage was a great luxury for the taste of the Edwardian grandeur in Australia, where it was originally delivered. The car was still running (just barely) when it was brought to Los Angeles from Australia in 1970. The crankcase was made of nearly pure aluminum and was so badly cracked, repaired, re-cracked, and otherwise damaged that it was decided to have a new one made. The chassis alone cost 1600 British Pounds when a Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost chassis was available for 985 Pounds.

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1909 Gobron-Brillie Model 70/90

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Coachwork: Murray Aunger
Chassis #: 40079