1911 Metallurgique Speedster Boattail Speedster Vehicle Profile

1911 Metallurgique Speedster photograph

1911 Metallurgique Speedster photograph

1911 Metallurgique Speedster photograph

1911 Metallurgique Speedster1911 Metallurgique Speedster1911 Metallurgique Speedster
SA L'Auto Metallurgique produced the Metallurgique automobile in Belgium from 1905 through 1928, when the manufacturing facilities were sold to Imperia-Excelsior. The purchasing company had all the tooling moved to their own factory and sold the empty building to Minerva.

During the early years of production, the Metallurgique Company was one of Europe's finest makers of sporting cars. Their early cars were powered by a 2-cylinder motor with chain drive. In 1906, a four-cylinder unit was added to the lineup. Engine size and displacement would continue to grow throughout the years.

The chief engineer for Metallurgique was John Bastien. He would leave the company in 1923 and become assistant chief engineer for Stutz in Indianapolis.

This Metallurgique Speedster is powered by a four-cylinder engine that is capable of producing 14 horsepower. The boattail speedster body is mounted on a wheelbase that measures 106 inches and weighs 2460 pounds. The bodywork was built by Vanden Plas and is one of the earliest known boattail speedster known to exist.

The original owner was John George Macpherson-Grant at Ballindallach Castle in Scotland. The vehicle was purchased in 1959 by the family who would eventually donate it to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.

In 1964, the cars restoration was completed and it was awarded an Antique Automobile Club of America first place award. It played a role in the movie 'The Great Race' in 1965.

By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2010

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