1908 Oldsmobile Series X Tourer Vehicle Profile

1908 Oldsmobile Series X photograph

1908 Oldsmobile Series X photograph

1908 Oldsmobile Series X photograph

1908 Oldsmobile Series X1908 Oldsmobile Series X1908 Oldsmobile Series X
The Oldsmobile Model X, introduced in 1908 and continued through 1909, was a four-cylinder Tourer that had distinct angled front fenders. The 336 cubic-inch engine produced 32 horsepower and was mated to a three-speed sliding gear transmission. Pricing in 1908 for the Tourer was $1900. The following year, the Series X - now a Special Roadster - sold for $2,000. Another change was to the motor, which now displaced 302 cubic-inches and produced 32 horsepower.

This Model X, with its prominent brass fittings used for such things as lights and radiators, is a five-passenger touring car and one of two known to exist in the world. The vehicle is fully restored to its period original appearance. Standard equipment on the Model X included a full tool set, two acetylene headlights, one oil tail lamp, and a horn and luggage carrier.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jan 2011

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