1954 Buick Century Series 60 / 6A1097835 Chassis Information

Convertible Coupe
Chassis Num: 6A1097835
Sold for $60,500 at 2011 RM Sothebys.
Everyone needs a goal; a target to reach. Sometimes these goals are made known to others. Other times they are private motivators. In Buick's case, it had a very simple goal and made it plain for all the world. It was readily apparent in the name the company gave its new model made available in 1936—Century, or 100 mph.

Buick renamed its entire line-up of cars for 1936. The Model-60 became the Century. The mindset and approach to building the Century was rather straight-forward: take Buick's Special shorter-wheelbase bodies and mate it with the company's most powerful V-8 engine it had. Therefore, the Buick Centuries made between 1936 to 1942 were powered by Buick's 320 cu in inline-8, which was capable of 165 hp. This mixture enabled the Century, or what would become known as 'the banker's hot rod', to be capable of sustained speeds of 95 mph. This made the Century Buick's fastest automobile during that era. The convertible version of the Century came with standard leather upholstery, convertible top and windows, a hydraulically controlled front seat and an outside rear-view mirror.

Production of the first run of Centuries ended in 1942 due to poor sales. Twelve years after it ceased producing the Century, Buick reintroduced the name using the same formula it had tried with the first run. Buick mated its lightest and smallest chassis to its large 322 cubic inch V-8 engine. The intention was very simple: Buick wanted to offer a performance vehicle to its line-up once again. And, once again, the Century filled that roll until production ceased in 1958.

The model offered this year was a 1954 model, which was the Century's first year back in production. In 2010, the car went through a body-off restoration. It sports a vertical slit grille and the droopy-eyed headlight design. A chrome bumper, accented with twin torpedo-like designs, provides the nose with an appealing look. Chrome trim runs along the side of the car and the leading edge of the rear wheel-well. The rear end of the car espouses less dramatic fins and vertically mounted dual torpedo-style taillights. As with the front, the rear also exhibits a chrome bumper with vertical tail-like protrusions.

Underneath the large, rounded-off, box hood rests a 200 bhp, 322 cubic inch V-8 engine, with a four-barrel carburetor. Its transmission utilizes a twin-turbine Dynaflow automatic transmission that had been rebuilt during restoration. The car utilizes four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes and an independent front suspension made up of A-arms and coil springs. It also has a semi-floating rear axle that uses coil springs and a Panhard bar.

The interior of this '54 Century came with red leather seats, a red-trimmed steering wheel and black-trimmed dashboard and doors. The car has power steering and a modern radio in the instrument panel.
The '54 Convertible Coupe is set-off by a tan convertible top and wide white-walled tires. Finished in a maroon paint job, this '54 Century beautifully displays the lines of Buick's performer.

Believed to be one of just eleven left in existence, this '54 Convertible example reminds the automotive world of what has almost been forgotten. It brings back to mind Buick's elegant designs and performance. It brings back to mind how Buick reached its target with style and elegance.

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By Jeremy McMullen

Chassis# 6A1097835

2011 Automobiles of Arizona by RM Auctions
Pre-Auction Estimates :$45,000-$55,000 
Sale Price : $60,500


Chassis number 6A1097835 Auction Sales History

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2013 3
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2009 2
2007 2

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Recent Sales

(Data based on Model Year 1954 sales)
1954 Buick Century
Sold for $55,000
  2015 Mecum : Indianapolis
1954 Buick Century Hardtop
Sold for $14,025
  2014 Collector Car - Toronto Fall Classic
1954 Buick Century Hardtop
Sold for $18,500
  2013 Mecum Auctions - Dallas 2013
1954 Buick Century Convertible
Sold for $47,850
  2013 Auctions America - Auburn Spring
1954 Buick Century
Sold for $13,750
  2013 Auctions America - Spring Carlisle
1954 Buick Century
Chassis#: 6A6030374
Sold for $15,000
  2012 Silver Auction - Jackson Hole
1954 Buick Century Convertible Coupe
Chassis#: 6A1097835
Sold for $60,500
  2011 Automobiles of Arizona by RM Auctions
Sold for $21,500
  2009 Silver Auction - Hot August Nights
1954 Buick Century Station Wagon
Sold for $13,900
  2009 Leake Auctions - Tulsa - 37th Annual Leake Auto Auction - QuikTrip Center
1954 Buick Century
Sold for $40,700
  2007 Russo and Steele - Scottsdale 2007
Sold for $9,350
  2007 Barrett-Jackson - Scottsdale 2007

No Sale

1954 Buick Century Series 60's that have appeared at auction but did not sell.
VehicleChassisEventHigh BidEst. LowEst. High
1954 Buick Century Riviera Two Door Hardtop 2015 Leake Auctions Dallas, Tx$19,000  
1954 Buick Century CoupeA40507932013 Mecum Auction Anaheim 2013$20,000  
1954 Buick Century 2013 Auctions America Auburn Spring$14,000  
1954 Buick Century 2-door Hardtop 2009 Mecum Minnesota Auction Results$33,000  
1954 Buick Century Station Wagon 2009 Mecum Kissimmee, FL Auction$24,000  
1954 Buick Century 2-Door Hardtop 2008 Mecum High Performance Auction at Kissimmee, FL$22,500  


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