1968 Saab Sonett II Coupe Vehicle Profile

1968 Saab Sonett II photograph

1968 Saab Sonett II photograph

1968 Saab Sonett II photograph

1968 Saab Sonett II1968 Saab Sonett II1968 Saab Sonett II
The Sonett II was introduced in 1966 and were powered by a longitudinally mounted three-cylinder, oil injected, 841 cm two stroke engine with triple side draft carburetors, rated at 60 horsepower. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h was 12.5 seconds and top speed was 150 km/h. In 1967, there were 230 examples manufactured. The body was a 2-door fiberglass shell with a hinged nose with chrome plated latches.

In 1967, the Sonett II got a new grill with horizontally mounted bars and parking/indicator lights on either side. The nose had rubber latches and there were Saab emblems on the hood. Saab added new air intake/outlets for better ventilation.

Late in 1967 and early 1968, the Sonett was fitted with a 1500cm four-stroke V4 engine and renamed the Sonett V4. These cars are easily distinguished from the Sonett II by the presence of a 'power' bulge on the hood, made necessary to provide clearance for the V4's air cleaner. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h took 12.5 seconds and top speed was reached at 160 km/h. Fewer than 2000 of these examples were made.

In 1970 it was restyled by Italian coachbuilder Sergio Coggida and designated the Sonett III. Acceleration from 0-100 km/h now took 13 seconds and top speed was rated at 165 km/h.

In 1971, the Sonett got a new grille and a black rear panel. The following year, the engine was upgraded to 1700ccm. 1973 brought big impact absorbing bumpers that could stand 8km/h without lasting deformation, pinstripes, black wiper arms and struts for the rear window. Rain tough was also added and the tire dimension was altered from 155 to 165 SR15.

1974 was the last year for the Saab Sonett. Approximately 10,225 Sonett III's were produced.

By Daniel Vaughan | Jul 2011

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