1912 Mercedes Model 28/95 Landaulet Town Car Vehicle Profile

1912 Mercedes Model 28/95 photograph

1912 Mercedes Model 28/95 photograph

1912 Mercedes Model 28/95 photograph

1912 Mercedes Model 28/95 photograph

1912 Mercedes Model 28/951912 Mercedes Model 28/951912 Mercedes Model 28/951912 Mercedes Model 28/95
Landaulet Town Car
Coachwork: Holbrook
Prior to the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft merger with Benz in 1926, it was an independent company producing many models including the 1912 4-cylinder 35/40. Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft realized in June of 1902 that they had conceded their Daimler trademark to Panhard & Levassor for the whole of France and as a result, they decided to name all their cars Mercedes. The great demand for the car soon had Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft operating at full-capacity. The cars were called Mercedes after race car driver Emil Jellnek's 10 year old daughter.

The cars continued to be successfully developed and began to be sold world-wide. They were available with both right hand and left hand drive as needed. The three pointed star had not yet become their trademark.

This chassis for this car was ordered on February 10th of 1913 by Mrs. Armour valentine of Chicago. According to the ledger books still in existence, she changed the specifications of her order twice. The chassis was delivered to the New York Sales Branch on September 1st of 1914. She commissioned Holbrook Company in New York to produce a Landaulet Town car body for her. The car was kept at her summer home n Oconomowoc Wisconsin where she was frequently seen driving the car at top speed.

The car has been owned by the current owner since 1970 and has been restored to its original configuration.

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Chassis information for the Mercedes 28/951924 Sport Phaeton
Coachbuilder: Sindelfingen
Chassis Num: 27003
Engine Num: 55588


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