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1921 Roamer Model 6-54

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The Roamer was introduced during the fall of 1916. By spring of the 1917, Albert Barley moved his reorganized Barley Motor Car Company from Streator, Illinois to Kalamazoo, Michigan. Production of the Roamer would continue until 1929.

This Roamer Town Car Landaulet, featuring custom coachwork by H.R. Chupurdy & Company of New York, NY, was intended to be chauffeur-driven. While the company assembled the Roamer from American made components, it did not hide the fact that many of their design elements were exact copies from Rolls-Royce.

This car is powered by a six-cylinder Continental engine delivering 54 horsepower. It rides on a 136-inch platform and sold new for the sum of $3,950.


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1921 Roamer Model 6-54 Profiles

1921 Roamer Model 6-54 vehicle information
Town Car Landaulet
Coachwork: H.R. Chupurdy & Company