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1976 AMC Pacer Bi-Centennial

    The AMC Pacer Bi-Centennial was from the legendary creator Richard A. Teaque, it was far out of the mainstream design of the 70's that AMC hoped it would create a nitch of its own. Unfortunately AMC pulled the plug on the rotary Wankle Motor. Production of 280,000 units was completed from 1975 to 1980.

    In 1977, a V-8 engine was introduced which gave the 'glass bubble' great acceleration. Note that the driver's door is four-inches shorter than the passenger door, making for an easy entry from the curbside.

    The Pacer was previously a one owner car. A little old lady in Pennsylvania owned the car since new, but could not drive it anymore. The car was never driven during the winter months. With about 75,000 miles on the car her son talked her into letting her grandson drive the car. For three months the car took quite a bit of abuse, so the dad sold the car to the current owner.

    The car is completely original except the paint. The current owner says the car is a pure joy to drive.

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