1963 Chaparral 2

1963 Chaparral 2 Sports Racer

  • Chassis Number: 2002
  • This was the first Chaparral 2 designed and built by Jim Hall and Hap Sharp and the first built in Midland, TX. During the 1963, 1964, and 1965 road racing seasons, versions of this car logged 22 victories in 38 races against world-class competition.

    The Chaparral 2 boasted a new approach to frame design. Its semi-monocoque chassis was inspired by modern aircraft design and was molded from fiberglass-reinforced plastic. Powered by Chevrolet's 'small block' 327 cubic-inch V-8 engine the Chaparral 2 introduced a two-speed automatic transmission at the 1964 Laguna Seca USRRC in May. It eliminated the clutch pedal allowing the driver to operate the brake with his left foot while keeping his other foot on the throttle. It was a revelation. Jim Hall won the Laguna Seca national championship race and his Chaparral 2 teammate Roger Penske finished third. Penske also won the Nassau Governor's Trophy Race and the Nassau Trophy Race in 1964.

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    Chassis #: 2002