1941 BMW 327 Cabriolet / 87279 Chassis Information

1941 BMW 327 photograph

1941 BMW 327 photograph

1941 BMW 3271941 BMW 327
Chassis #: 87279
Sold for $247,500 at 2013 RM Auctions - Amelia Island.
In this day and age Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) is almost entirely associated with automobile production. But, this simply was not the case in the company's earliest days. The same would be true of one of its early designs. While the 328 would garner much of the praise over time, the 327, in the day, would be the model that would make BMW a household name.

BMW's first attempts in motor works would be in motorcyles. Then, in the late 1920s and early 1930s, BMW would venture into automobiles, however, the first ones would be produced under license from other companies. But then came the 326.

BWM had been building its Type 315 which boasted of engine producing 40 brake horsepower. This helped BMW grow and become all the more popular. However, at the 1936 Berlin Auto Show BMW would unveil an important new development known as the 326. This would be the company's first four-door sedan. Having an engine producing 50 bhp, the car was capable of touching speeds in excess of 70 mph. However, it wouldn't necessarily be the speeds but the look that would make the difference. Much more streamlined, the 326 would lay the groundwork for a series of models that would make BMW one of the premier automakers prior to and following the Second World War.

BMW's popularity would really take off following the debut of its latest model in 1937. Having a wheelbase shorter than the 326 and having an engine producing 5 more horsepower the new 327 would be lighter and faster than the 326. Additionally, the sport cabriolet design would capture the imaginations of the people and lead to the 327 becoming one of the most popular designs for the company.

The popularity of the 327 would lead to the car being produced from 1937 to 1941, at least at BMW's Munich facility. Following the war, however, the 327 would rise again, but this time in the Easter Zone of Germany. Though rebadged an EMW it was still a 327 through and through.

One of the later 327s to be produced, chassis 87379 would roll out of the factory in 1941. Unfortunately, practically nothing of its early history is known. However, what is apparent is that the car had been recently restored by the Black Horse Garage located in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

When completed, the four-seat sport cabriolet would be finished in an attractive black paint. Accented with touches of white on the steering wheel, gauges and knobs and combined with an all new red leather interior, the car is a striking contrast of colors on the inside. On the outside, the thin bits of chrome help to draw the lovely lines of the 327 out from the understated black background of the bodywork and top.

One of the iconic but overlooked 327s, 87279 would be invited in January of 2013 to the Classic Sports Sunday Concours event held by the organizers of the Cavallino Classic. Making its debut at the event, the car would end up being successful its first time out as it would bring home an Excellence in Class Award.

Coming off of the achievement, 87279 would be presented for auction as part of RM Auctions event held in Amelia Island in March of 2013. Attesting to its quality and place in BMW's history the car would earn estimates of between $250,000 and $325,000 as it headed to auction.

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By Jeremy McMullen

2013 RM Auctions - Amelia Island

Pre-Auction Estimates :
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Recent Sales

(Data based on Model Year 1941 sales)
1941 BMW 327 Cabriolet
Chassis#: 87281
Sold for $151,200
  2018 RM Sothebys : Scottsdale, Az.
1941 BMW 327 Sport Cabriolet
Chassis#: 87279
Sold for $247,500
  2013 RM Auctions - Amelia Island
1941 BMW 327 image  1941 BMW 327 image  

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Chassis information for the BMW 3271938 Cabriolet
Chassis Num: 73234
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Chassis information for the BMW 3271941 Cabriolet
Chassis Num: 87279

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