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1990 Mazda 787 Coupe

  • Chassis Number: 787-002
Built for the 1990 24 Hours of LeMans endurance race, the Mazda 787 was an approach to prototype racecar engineering more radical than that of any other automaker. Mazda had been developing its rotary Wankel engines for racing since the 1960s, but LeMans would be their ultimate proving ground. This four-rotor R26B-powered 787, chassis number 002, produced 720 horsepower but did not finish at LeMans due to electrical failure.

The following year, chassis 002 was again entered in the twice-around-the-clock race, this time alongside two newer 787B racecars. All three finished in the top 10, with the 787Bs finishing first and fifth, and the lone earlier-model 787 coming in eighth. 1991 marked the first and only time that a Japanese marque has ever won the grueling 24-hour classic, despite the best efforts of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan.

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1990 Mazda 787

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Chassis #: 787-002