1939 Graham Model 96 Coupe Vehicle Profile

1939 Graham Model 96 photograph

1939 Graham Model 96 photograph

1939 Graham Model 96 photograph

1939 Graham Model 96 photograph

1939 Graham Model 961939 Graham Model 961939 Graham Model 961939 Graham Model 96
By the late 1930s automobile styling was changing significantly from earlier years. Some companies felt they needed significant departures from traditional styling in order to gain attention and sales. Examples include the Cord 810 and 812, the Lincoln Zephyr and the Cadillac 60 special. Many cars incorporated Art Deco features and this Graham Sharknose Coupe is an example of the trend. It was dubbed 'The Spirit of Motion.'

The very distinctive pointed front end resulted in its Sharknose nickname. No other car had a front end appearance close to this. The Graham Company was the successor company of the Graham-Page company which was founded in 1927. Unlike many other small companies it managed to survive the depression, but after financial losses ceased automobile production in late 1940. It was saved by war production contracts during WWII. Attempts at reviving auto production after WWII failed and the automobile assets were sold to the newly formed Kaiser Frazer Company. The company then went into the commercial property business, later changing its name to Madison Square Garden Corporation.

The 1939 Graham model 96 was a medium priced car with a 120 inch wheelbase and a 218 cubic-inch 6-cylinder engine developing 93 horsepower. A supercharged version, designated the Model 97, produced 120 horsepower.

The current owner purchased this car in 2010. The previous owner did considerable restoration work and the present owner has continued to improve it.

No auction information available for this vehicle at this time.

Recent Sales

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Vehicles That Failed To Sell

1939 Graham Model 96's that have appeared at auction but did not sell.
VehicleChassisEventHigh BidEst. LowEst. High
1939 GRAHAM SHARK NOSE SEDAN 2002 Kruse Auction Oklahoma City, OK$17,200  
1939 GRAHAM SHARK NOSE SEDAN 2001 Kruse Auction Branson, MO$17,500  


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Vehicle Profiles

Chassis information for the Graham Model 971938 Convertible
Coachbuilder: Saoutchik
Chassis Num: 141747
Engine Num: 146749

Vehicle information, history, and specifications from concept to production.

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