1978 TVR 3000S Coupe Vehicle Profile

1978 TVR 3000S photograph

1978 TVR 3000S photograph

1978 TVR 3000S photograph

1978 TVR 3000S1978 TVR 3000S1978 TVR 3000S
'For Your Life on the Open Road' and 'The return of the true sports car' were the advertising slogans for the TVR 3000S. Produced by TRV Engineering Limited, of Blockpool, England, this 3000S was described when new as 'Unique. Traditional sports car performance and handling. Pedigree styling and handbuilt luxury. Tubular backbone chassis and non-rust glass-fibre body, plus foldaway hood and removable sidescreen.'

This 3000S is equipped with an English Ford 3-liter, 142 horsepower, Vee-six engine, capable of 133 miles per hour top speed and zero-to-sixty in 7.5 seconds. A total of 258 automobiles were built. 49 of these automobiles are known to be in North America.

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Chassis information for the TVR 30001979 Roadster
Chassis Num: 4496 FM
Engine Num: D 9203 97


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