1972 Alpine A110 Berlinette / 18165 Chassis Information

1972 Alpine A110 photograph

1972 Alpine A110 photograph

1972 Alpine A1101972 Alpine A110
Chassis #: 18165
Sold for $302,500 at 2014 Gooding & Company - The Scottsdale Auction.
During the 1960s and 1970s, there was one French automaker that often challenged the more established firms. It was, inside and out, quintessentially French, and yet, had an appeal to those of many other nations. Its actual origins would be lost to history, but what is without doubt is the Alpine A110 was one of the most successful cars of its time.

There are many legends and urban myths within the automotive world. The exact origins of the Alpine A110 would be one of them. Many would argue that its design was actually the result of the work of Michelotti. Yet, there would be just as many that would argue against this point.

It is a French car, and yet, its looks, its line appear Italian or German. While it may be a French car, there appear to be just as many elements that would convince an onlooker that it would have to be from Maranello or Stuttgart. What is known without a doubt is that the car would be built by an over-achieving French firm by the name of Alpine.

Alpine is one of those remarkable manufacturers. Albeit a very small department, Alpine would go on to build single-seaters, endurance sportscars and cars for rally. But, in spite of its small size, the department knew how to take existing components and create something new and full of promise. The A110 would be one such example.

Whoever designed the tightly package body would be of less relevance as how Alpine would go about building the concept. Not surprisingly, the A110 would be the result of that which came before.

The Alpine A108 would make its first appearance in the late 1950s and would be an attractive car from the very first moments. Utilizing components from a Renault Dauphine, Alpine would take what it had and would make use of other materials to make something truly remarkable.

Using glass-fiber, Alpine would fashion a rear-engined coupe that was light and very capable in competition. However, they knew they could do better. Created in Berlinetta form only, the A110 would be restyled from the A108 and would include a wider stance and much more aggressive looks. The cars would be no nonsense with lightweight fibers again making their appearance in the body. However, Alpine would go to further lengths to lighten the A110, including using plastic components for trim and fake bumpers would also be installed to help lighten the load. And, while the A108 would borrow from the Renault Dauphine, the A110 would borrow from the R8, including the components from the engine. In addition, the air intake would be moved to help prevent accumulation of snow and mud. To top everything off, the windshield would be heated. Nearly every single detail would be taken into account building the new A110.

Initially, the A110 would be underpowered using derivatives of the R8 engine. However, the Gordini version of the R8 engine would come along and that meant an increase in size. The Gordini R8 engine would be 1300 cubic inches and produced around 115hp. Then, when the R16 engine came into being, the size increased to nearly 1500 cubic inches.

One of the more popular A110s would make use of a 1600 cubic inch. Combined with twin Weber 45 carburetors, the A110 could now reach speeds in excess of 125mph from its 125bhp engine.

The Alpine A110 would be quite successful within the newly-formed International Rally Championship and many events would be won by the car. Of course, much of that success would result from what would have to be considered the ultimate version of the A110. The A110 1800 would be powered by a 1.8-liter engine that produced about 175bhp. Combined with a five-speed, four-wheel independent suspension and four-wheel ventilated disc brakes, the 1800 was the consummate A110 performer and ultimate led to a World Rallye Championship in 1973.

Just a total of 23 Alpine A110 1800s would be prepared during late 1972 for the upcoming championship in 1973. Chassis 18165 would be one of those, and it would be one of just 13 that would be retained as an Alpine Team car.

The car's first event would early in 1973 at the Ronde de Serre Chevalier. Jean-Pierre Nicolas would drive the car. The stable handling combined with the power beautifully and Nicolas would go on to finish the event in 2nd place.

The car would earn yet another 2nd place at the Rallye Neige & Glace, this time driven by Bernard Darniche. Nicolas would be back behind the wheel for the Rallye Maroc. In that event, Nicolas would use the power from the 1.8-liter engine to finish in 2nd place in class and 5th place overall.

One of the distinctive features on the car is the riveted flared fenders. This is a design element seen on the newer cars for 1974. Having already been built with the smaller fender flares, the compromise would be riveting the new larger flares in place. They care still on the car to this day.

Chassis 18165 would continue competition right up through 1977 and would be driven by some very talented drivers, including Nicolas and one Patrick Tambay. In 1979, the car would make its way to a French dealership. Over the next 30 years, just four different owners would have the Alpine in their possession indicating a joy each owner had with the car.

Throughout those 30 years, 18165 has seen regular use but shows very little signs of wear and looks quite pure, as if it just retired from rallying a couple of years ago. This is due to its current livery, Cibie lights and other period stickers adorning the car. Being one of just 13 works Alpine cars in the early 1970s, this special A110 1800 becomes an all the more intriguing piece of Alpine rallying history.

Due to be presented for sale at the 2014 Gooding & Company Scottsdale auction, the 1972 Alpine A110 1800, chassis 18165, would be garnering estimates ranging from between $300,000 and $400,000.

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By Jeremy McMullen

2014 Gooding & Company - The Scottsdale Auction

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1972 Alpine A110 Auction Sales

Recent Sales

(Data based on Model Year 1972 sales)
1972 Alpine-Renault A110 1300
Sold for $215,463
  2019 The Saragga Collection
1972 Alpine A110 berlinette Gr. 4 'Défense Mondiale'
Chassis#: 18226
Sold for $317,641
  2017 Artcurial : Retromobile
1972 Alpine-Renault A110 1600 S
Chassis#: 17936
Sold for $119,840
  2016 RM Sothebys : Duemila Ruote
1972 Renault Alpine A110 1600S Coupé
Chassis#: 17810
Sold for $105,656
  2016 Bonhams : Les Grandes Marques du Monde au Grand Palais
Sold for $103,133
  2014 Shannons - Melbourne Winter Classic
1972 Alpine A110 1800
Chassis#: 18165
Sold for $302,500
  2014 Gooding & Company - The Scottsdale Auction
1972 Alpine A110 image  1972 Alpine A110 image  
1972 Alpine A110 1600S Coupé
Chassis#: 17810
Sold for $79,434
  2010 Bonhams - Les Grandes Marques a Monaco
1972 Renault Alpine A 110 - 1300
Chassis#: 13295
Sold for $62,159
  2007 Coys Auction - Legende et Passion

Vehicles That Failed To Sell

1972 Alpine A110's that have appeared at auction but did not sell.
VehicleChassisEventHigh BidEst. LowEst. High
1972 RENAULT A110 ALPINE 1300 COUPE (LHD) 2014 Shannons Melbourne Spring Classic   
1972 Alpine A110 1600S Group IV Specification CoupéA110 127152011 Bonhams Les Grandes Marques à Monaco $50,000$60,000
1972 Alpine A110 1600S Coupé 2009 Bonham Les Grandes Marques à Monaco $65,000$75,000


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1972 Alpine A110 vehicle thumbnail image  
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2019 Silverstone - Classic Cars & Competition Cars

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