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1955 Siata 208 S

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This SIATA is the last of only 35 208Ss produced. Body by Motto, and designed by the prolific and famous Giovanni Michelotti, who penned the Spyder body style.

Power is from an innovative, yet plainly named 8V - in Italian, 'Otto Vu' - the SIATA 208S was a compelling choice in the under two-liter class for gentlemen racers who could afford $5,000 in 1954. Fiat built only 200 eight cylinder, two liter engines and 35 of these were the choice for the SIATA 208S. Fiat decided to turn over the production to its performance supplier, SIATA, to outfit the sports cars.

One of the boldest freelance designs of the period, these Spyders were used for racing in the United States at major races such as Pebble Beach, Sebring, and especially Aeroport races such as Long Beach and Santa Barbara.

This car was restored in 2004 to 2007 by Epifani Restorations, Berkeley, CA and the current owner had the Spyder re-restored from 'Custom Specs' to 'Original Specs' in 2009 to 2010, again by Epifani Restorations.

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1955 Siata 208 S Profiles

1955 Siata 208 S vehicle information
Coachwork: Bertone
Designer: Michelotti
Chassis #: BS535
1955 Siata 208 S vehicle information
Coachwork: Motto
Designer: Michelotti