1936 Duesenberg Model SJ Vehicle Profile

1936 Duesenberg Model SJ1936 Duesenberg Model SJ1936 Duesenberg Model SJ1936 Duesenberg Model SJ1936 Duesenberg Model SJ1936 Duesenberg Model SJ1936 Duesenberg Model SJ
Dual Cowl Phaeton
Designer: Gordon Buehrig
The Duesenberg SJ is the supercharged version of the legendary Model J. The centrifugal supercharger increased the horsepower from 265 to 320.

Introduced in 1932, only 36 SJs were produced. Well before 1936 the Duesenberg chassis was no longer in production; the chassis being sold had been made in 1932 or earlier and stockpiled. Bodies continued to be made by the surviving coach builders and the model year assigned a car was the year the body was fitted to a chassis.

The LeGrande name was coined by Duesenberg as an exotic sounding name for the bodies designed by Gordon Buehrig, Duesenberg's in-house body designer. Most of these LeGrande bodies were built by the Union City Body Company with a few by Central Manufacturing Company and the A.H. Walker Company.

This car was owned by legendary collector Homer Fitterling from about 1950 until he sold it in 1974. Fitterling was known for his collection of around 300 cars stored in barns on his farm in Indiana; about 24 were Duesenbergs. This car was his 'utility' vehicle which he drove around with the hood off.

It was sold to L.K. Newell who did a full restoration. The present owners father purchased it in 1978 and it has been in the family ever since. The 2014 St. Johns Concours was the first showing since being re-commissioned after decades of storage.


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