1913 Delaunay Belleville Model 06 / 6563 Chassis Information

Coachwork: Rothschild
Chassis Num: 6563
Engine Num: 6563
Sold for $616,600 (€471,760) at 2012 Artcurial.
Sold for $450,000 at 2016 Bonhams.
Delaunay-Belleville started automobile production in 1904 and, like Hotchkiss, a manufacturer of modern armaments that shifted to production cars, Delaunay-Belleville was developing manufacturing technologies at the highest level. This rare Delaunay-Belleville 06 is one of the first ten built - possibly as early as late 1912. The car was bought by Edward Daubree, a member of the family that co-founded a small rubber factory in Clermont-Ferrand by the name of Michelin et Cie. The car remained in the same family until its current owner bought it in 2012, one hundred years after it was built. It has retained its original Tourer body constructed by J. Rothschild & Fils in Paris. The body is made of Partinium, an aluminum alloy with tungsten, a material that goes back to the days of horse carriage construction.
Coachwork: Rothschild
Chassis Num: 6563
Engine Num: 6563
Sold for $616,600 (€471,760) at 2012 Artcurial.
Sold for $450,000 at 2016 Bonhams.
Around 1950, Julien Belleville began making boilers for marine steam engines. Louis Delaunay became a partner in the company in 1867 and married Belleville's daughter. He would became sole owner and changed his and the company's name to Delaunay-Belleville.

Over the years, the company continued to grow, becoming an industrial manufacturer of boilers for locomotives and ships, as well as a supplier for battleships in the French navy. In 1903, Louis Delaunay-Belleville recruited Marius Barbarou from Benz, and S.A. des Automobiles Delaunay-Belleville was registered. Barbarou would become responsible for design and engineering, and one of his first creations was the round hood and radiator, which became a signature styling element of the marque.
At the Paris Saloon in 1904, Delaunay-Belleville presented their first automobile. It was a high quality vehicle powered by an advanced four-cylinder engine. As time progressed, the company gained a reputation for building silent, fast, and power automobiles. The cars they built were expensive, technically advanced, and built of superior quality. Their vehicles used some of the earliest pressure-lubricated camshafts and water-cooled brakes.

Tsar Nicholas II purchased a 40 HP Delaunay-Belleville in 1906. King George I of Greece and King Alphonso XIII of Spain also owned Delaunays.

In 1906, Delaunay-Belleville introduced the first six-cylinder chassis in France. The 70 hp vehicle was known as the Type SMT, or Sa Majesté le Tsar, as Nicholas II bought one of the early cars and a second in 1909.

In 1910, a silent starter that could be operated from the driver's seat was made standard. It was known as the Barbey starter, and was introduced three years before Charles F. Kettering developed the electric self-starter for Cadillac.

Just prior to the start of World War I, Delaunay-Belleville introduced the O6 chassis. It featured a dual-ignition 8-liter engine that had six cylinders cast in two blocks of three. It also featured side-valves, full pressure lubrication, and an oil pump driven directly from the camshaft. The oil pump was designed like a small steam engine where an oscillating piston pumped and distributed the oil. The 100 horsepower produced by the engine was sent to the rear wheels through a multi-plate dry clutch, another recent Delaunay-Belleville innovation.

It is believed that just 55 examples of the O6 chassis were built. Many were used by senior military personnel during the war. Production was discontinued at the end of 1916, as it was deemed too extravagant and costly.

It is believed that this particular example is one of the first ten O6 chassis built by Delaunay-Belleville. It was purchased new by Édouard Daubrée, co-founder of Michelin et Cie.

After World War I, the car was presented to Pierre de Brou de Laurière, a nephew of Édouard Daubrée, and registered in his name in the town of Périgueux in the Bordeaux area. In 1920, the car received electric lighting. In 1924 and 1928, the car returned to the factory for major work, including renovation of the engine and transmission.

When the next War threatened, the car was still in the ownership of M. de Brou de Laurière. When German troops were advancing, the car was hidden from the Nazis. The wheels were separated from the car and walled up in another house.

The car would remain in storage for 47 years. It was discovered in 1986 by a member of the Brou de Laurière family. The car was dismantled at that time, overhauled mechanically, given a sympathetic repaint, and a new convertible top was fitted. It remained in the Brou de Laurière family until it was sold at auction in February 2012.
By Daniel Vaughan | Nov 2016

Chassis# 6563

2016 Bonhams : Quail Lodge
Estimated Value:$500,000-$700,000 
Sale Price$450,000
2012 Artcurial Motorcars at Rétromobile
Sale Price$616,600 (€471,760.00)

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Chassis#: 6563
Sold for $450,000
  2016 Bonhams : Quail Lodge
1913 Delaunay Belleville Type O6 8L
Sold for $616,600
  2012 Artcurial Motorcars at Rétromobile

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