Cisitalia History

1953 Cisitalia 303

Chassis number : 303 FN 00127

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Cisitalia was founded in 1939 by Piero Dusio. During World War II, they amassed a fortune producing military uniforms. With a passion for motor racing and plenty of resources, Dusio built the first Cisitalia competition car in 1946. A year later, they introduced the 202 Gran Sport Coupe. It had all-enveloping coachwork, elegant lines, and would set the pattern for every GT that followed. It was, however, expensive to produce, prompting the introduction of the Pininfarina-designed 303 DF (DF means 'Derived from Fiat'), using a Fiat 1100E chassis to cut costs. Unfortunately, even this was not enough to save Cisitalia - its abortive GP car drained all the money - and production of the 303 ceased after approximately 12 had been made.

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1953 Cisitalia 303 Profiles

1953 Cisitalia 303 vehicle information
Coachwork: Pininfarina
Chassis #: 303 FN 00127
Engine #: 127