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1916 Locomobile Model 48

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The Locomobile Company of America was founded in 1899 in Watertown Massachusetts. It relocated to Bridgeport Connecticut in 1900 where car production continued until the company closed in 1929. Steam-powered cars were built until 1903 when production changed to internal combustion engines. The 48 was the most significant model produced. It had a wheelbase of 142 inch and a straight-six with side valves; cylinders were still cast-in-pairs and it featured a non-removable cylinder head. Displacement was 525 cubic inches and 85 actual horsepower and a tax rating of 48.6 horsepower. The quality of materials and workmanship was impeccable. In 1916 the chassis cost $4,600 and the body could cost as much as $2,200 more.

This car carries a custom Locke 'Three Passenger Sedan' body and was one of the very special series of custom bodies offered by Locomobile. The interior is still original except for the seat buttons. The inside roof is finished in leather panels with varnished wood surrounds. The windshield has two panels so it can be opened in rain and water will not come in the car. The quarter windows open to allow complete ventilation.

The body only holds two people and it has a trunk, not a rumble seat. The 142-inch wheelbase, dual rear-mounted spares, and small passenger compartment create an incredibly huge means of transport for two lucky people.


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3-Passenger Sedan
Coachwork: Locke