1905 REO Model B Runabout Vehicle Profile

1905 REO Model B photograph

1905 REO Model B photograph

1905 REO Model B photograph

1905 REO Model B photograph

1905 REO Model B1905 REO Model B1905 REO Model B1905 REO Model B
The Olds Motor Works, founded by Ransom E. Olds, had been producing the popular curved-dash Oldsmobile for several years when, in 1904, Mr. Olds picked up and left to form the Reo Motor Car Company of Lansing, MI.

This is a 1905 Reo Model B Roadster, with a folding rear seat. It was purchased from the 2nd owner in 1952 after being stored since 1930. At the time, there was no interest to restore the car and it was stored again until 1995 when the present owner got the car running and showed it for the first time. It did not show well, so it was stored again until The Cadillac Shop performed a full restoration in 2005.

This Reo is powered by a single-cylinder, 5-horsepower engine coupled to a 2-speed manual transmission.

By 1907, the Reo, being known for its durability and steadily rising sales, made it the third-largest selling car in the United States - right behind Ford and Buick. For 1910, Reo raised the engine horsepower to 12 hp and the single-cylinder engine had seen its last day.

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