1922 Detroit Electric Model 90 Vehicle Profile

Town Car
There were 143 Detroit Electric cars made in 1922 and this is one of two known to still exist. A total of 13,000 Detroit Electric cars were produced from 1907 to 1939; it has been estimated there are only 94 left in the world today.

Electric cars were a very common sight on the American roads during the early 1900's. In 1900, 38 percent of American automobiles were powered by electricity, 40 percent by steam and 22 percent by gasoline. 33,842 electric cars were registered in the United States in 1900. Electric cars were used in a large part by women and doctors. Doctors needed a car that they could get in and go and gasoline engines were not that easy to start or reliable. Because hand cranking a car was difficult and could be dangerous, the electric cars were very popular with women.

The real demise of the electric car began with the invention of the first practical electric starter in 1911 which was first used in 1912 by Cadillac.


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