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1911 Knox Model R Fore-Door Touring

    Harry A. Knox was encouraged to build an automobile by his next-door neighbor, J. Frank Duryea. After building a handful of experimental cars, he founded the Knox Automobile Co. in Springfield, Massachusetts. His first factory was the Waltham Watch Company, and in the first year, 15 three-wheeled runabouts were produced. A four-wheeler was added in 1902. Knox left the company in late-1904 to form the Atlas and later Atlas-Knight automobiles.

    By 1910 the company was producing luxury models with a limousine that sold for as much as $6,400. Financial difficulties loomed, and the assets were sold late in 1914. The company reorganized and continued with the production of tractor-trailers and fire apparatus units. The new company was gone by the early 1920s.

    This 40-horsepower 4-cylinder Model R touring was $3,400 when new. A total of 1,215 Knox vehicles were built in 1911.

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