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1911 Fiat S74 Racer

  • Chassis Number: 1
Caleb Bragg purchased this Fiat S74 with his eye on the 1911 American Grand Prix in Savannah. Bragg came in fourth, the winner being another S74. In 1912, he won the American Grand Prix in Milwaukee, completing the 410 miles with an average speed of 69 mph, including several pit-stops. State of the art for 1911, the S74 featured a 14.5-liter four-cylinder overhead-cam engine with four valves per cylinder, a four-speed gearbox, and double-chain drive. The S74 Fiats won the most championship races in 1912 and with a top speed of 110 mph, it averaged the highest speeds of all the competition. This is believed to be the first of six S74s built and the only one still in its original configuration. In 1979, Bill Harrah purchased the car and it remained in his collection until 1984, when it was acquired by the current owner.

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1911 Fiat S74

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