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1921 Duesenberg Grand Prix Racer Boattail Racer

    The 1921 French Grand Prix, at Le Mans, included four Dusenbergs that were late additions to what had initially been a rather thin field. With their SOHC 3-valve 183 cubic-inch inline eight-cylinder engines, the Duesenbergs were competitive in terms of power, but their biggest advantage was their hydraulic brakes on all four wheels. Duesenberg's driven by Jimmy Murphy, Andre Dubonnet, and Albert Guyot finished in 1st, 4th, and 6th place, while Joe Boyer's Duesenberg did not finish. (Jimmy Murphy won in the #12 Duesenberg. The #17 of Albert Dubonnet finished 4th, Albert Guyot finished 6th in the #6 and Joe Boyer's #16 retired after 17 laps.) Racing 183s lacked frame numbers making it difficult to track them historically, but certain distinguishing characteristics do set them apart, and it is thought that this 183 might be the car Guyot drove. This car was eventually purchased by tire dealer Ed Kaster and campaigned through California throughout the 1920s and 1930s. The car survived with its original 183 racing engine and its original Miller carburetors, and it has just been restored for its current owner.

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