1964 ATS 2500 GT

1964 ATS 2500 GT Coupe

  • Coachwork by Allemano
  • Chassis Number: 2005
  • This 1964 ATS 2500 GTS is one of just two all-aluminum GTS known to exist bodied by Allemano based on a design by Franco Scaglione. Per research by ATS expert Michael Lazzari, this particular coupe was used by engineer Carlos Chiti for long test drives prior to delivery to the car's first owner. It also served as the test car, with race driver Theodore Zeccoli at the wheel and journalist Griff Borgeson on board, for Road & Track's September 1964 review. This car was eventually shipped to its first owner, Bill Mitchell, the Vice President of Design for GM. All ATS cars are unique, and this one differs from others in numerous respects; there are no rear valance airflow vents below the taillights, there is only one outside filler cap, there's no brake booster, and no plated trim around the covered headlights and front bumper area, the side fender air scoops are configured differently, straight dual race exhaust pipes are fitted, the Borrani rims are wider and deeper on the rear than on the front, and there's no heater. The current owner acquired the car in 2018.

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    Coachwork: Allemano
    Chassis #: 2005