1969 Sbarro Formula 5000

1969 Sbarro Formula 5000 Monoposto

Noted Swiss designer and car constructor Franco Sbarro created his Formula 5000 prototype at the dawn of the famed racing series, incorporating daring and innovative aerodynamics with a spare GT40 drivetrain from his collaborators Scuderia Filipinetti. The result features the recognizable nose of a '60s formula car, but with a dramatic integrated rear wing, shielding the engine bay in the flared rake of its form. Soon after its creation the F5000 was invited to the show 'Bolide,' a collection of aesthetically groundbreaking competition cars on display at the Louvre in 1970. It appears in the show's book alongside such landmark shapes as the Pininfarina Sigma concept. The car disappeared for several decades, kept in a private Swiss collection. The car resurfaced intact and well-preserved in 2007 at the Musee National de l'Automobile in Mulhouse, France. Since then, it has undergone a complete mechanical freshening, and will soon be able to compete in historic Formula 5000 racing.

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1969 Sbarro Formula 5000

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