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1937 BMW 326 Cabriolet

This sport cabriolet is one of two BMWs with Erdmann & Rossi coachwork and the only one to survive World War II. Otto Sperber, a Berlin architect, commissioned the coachwork in 1937, and to avoid requisition by the German Army during the war, hid it underground, removing the wheels, headlights, and carburetors. Ironically, the car was confiscated by Soviet troops in 1945. In 1991, the dilapidated BMW was discovered in Estonia and acquired by Rupert Stuhlemmer, a car collector who focused on the work of Erdmann & Rossi. Stuhlemmer restored it with the guidance of Johannes Beeskow, former Chief Design engineer for Erdmann & Rossi, who provided valuable details - including a hand-drawn diagram for the disappearing soft top - to assure the car's authenticity. After acquiring the BMW in 2020, the current owner also had the car restored, maintaining that same authenticity.

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1937 BMW 326

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Coachwork: Erdmann & Rossi
Chassis #: 78460