1967 Lancia Flaminia / 826.232.002121 Chassis Information

Fastback Coupe (2.8 Liter)
Coachwork: Zagato
Chassis Num: 826.232.002121
Sold for $192,500 at 2013 RM Sothebys.
Many automotive enthusiasts search their entire lives for the 'perfect' drive. Given their long-standing tradition of naming their production cars after Roman roads, Lancia would hope that the Via Flaminia would certainly be a memorable experience for all.

Lancia's Flaminia would be a successor to the Aurelia and would begin production in 1957. Designed by Antonio Fessia, the Flaminia would retain the same basic structure as the Aurelia. However, there would be some important differences between the two. The Flaminia would return to a more conventional front suspension arrangement while the first model would be made available with either drum or disc brakes.

The world's first V6 engine had been introduced with the Aurelia. This same basic engine would be used as a basis for the Flaminia, but with some important evolutions. Most notably, the bore would be increased while the stroke would be decreased. The first example of the 2.5-liter engine would be capable of producing 100 hp.

Production of the Flaminia would begin in 1957, the same year in which it made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The Flaminia would come with custom-built coachwork making the car a much more exclusive car in Lancia's line. The first factory-built sedan, or Berlina, would be designed by none other than Pinin Farina. The famous coachbuilder would also design a four-seat coupe. Carrozzeria Touring would fashion a two-seat convertible and a two-seat coupe.

Then there was the Sport built by Zagato. The first Sport version would have a single-carburetor, 2.5-liter engine. Production of the Sport would begin in 1959 after first shown to the public in 1958. This first version of the Sport would see small revisions to the front of the car. Still, over a three year period, just 205 examples would be sold.

In 1962, the Sport would get a boost, literally. A three-carburetor version would be introduced and the power output would increase from 119 to 140 horsepower. There would end up being 174 examples of this Flaminia that would be sold in just one year. The following year, 1963, the engine would be enlarged to 2.8-liters. Known as the Sport 3C 2.8, there would be just 33 that would be sold before Lancia developed its final, and most desirable, iteration of the Sport.

In 1964, Lancia would unveil its latest example of the Flaminia Sport. Called appropriately the 'Super Sport', the last evolution of the Flaminia Sport, the engine would be similar. However, the addition of larger Weber 40 DCN 12 carburetors would boost power output to 152 horsepower.

But while the engine's increased power would certainly deserve the title of Super Sport, it would be the revised body-styling from Zagato that would help to define the whole package. Zagato had had many moments when their touch of genius created a truly beautiful piece of automotive art. Complete with the recessed, tear-drop headlights, simple and elegant flowing lines and Kamm tail, the last example of the Super Sport design by Zagato would be an absolute stroke of beauty. Still, because of the custom, coachbuilt body, every single one of the 187 examples of the Super Sport ever built is an absolute piece of automotive history.

One such piece of Flaminia history is being offered for sale at the RM Auctions in Amelia Island in March of 2013. Chassis 826.232.002121 is presented in period-correct Newmarket Grey and has a striking red leather interior.

Supposedly to have come to California early on in its history, the Super Sport was to be found in California until the 1970s, when it to be owned by a collector that coveted the car dearly for a period of more than three decades. Well maintained and kept in a climate-controlled environment, the car still presented quite well, even after years and years.

In 2008, the Flaminia Super Sport would undergo a complete restoration whereby the body and the mechanical components of the car would be entirely redone. Completing restoration, the car would make an appearance at the 30th Anniversary Meadow Brook Concours d'Elegance event. This would be a very rare opportunity to behold this car and it would not be overlooked. Causing more than one admirer to stop and take in its lovely lines, it was clear why the Flaminia Super Sport was one of the most sought-after and elegant Lancias to grace the open road en route to that perfect driving experience.

Heading to auction, the 1967 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport by Zagato would be drawing estimates ranging from $220,000 to $280,000.

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By Jeremy McMullen
Fastback Coupe (2.8 Liter)
Coachwork: Zagato
Chassis Num: 826.232.002121
Sold for $192,500 at 2013 RM Sothebys.
The Flaminia was part of the Lancia Aurelia designed by Vittoro Jano. The Flaminia continued the tradition of being named after Roman Roads, and named after Via Flaminia, the road which leads from Rome to Rimini. This was one of the first cars to ever be fitted with a V6 engine.

In total, there were only about 110 of these cars ever built. The current owner of this Flaminia Zagato Super Sport has owned the car for nearly three decades. The car has been completely rebuilt and returned to its original color of 'Newmarket Grey.' The car has the ultimate configuration of Zagato double bubble roof, 3 carbs set-up, and tear drop headlights.

Chassis# 826.232.002121

2013 RM Auctions - Amelia Island
Estimated Value:$220,000-$280,000 
Sale Price$192,500


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(Data based on Model Year 1967 sales)
1967 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport
Chassis#: 826.232*002121*
Sold for $247,500
  2017 Gooding & Co. : Scottsdale, AZ
1967 Lancia Flaminia Super Sport by Carrozzeria Zagato
Chassis#: 826.232.002121
Sold for $192,500
  2013 RM Auctions - Amelia Island
1967 Lancia Flavia Vignale Convertible
Chassis#: 815335002208
Sold for $26,304
  2012 H & H Donnington Priory
Sold for $77,852
  2011 Automobiles sur les Champs 2

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1967 Lancia Flaminia's that have appeared at auction but did not sell.
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1967 Lancia Flaminia Touring Convertible82613410522011 Coys Auction Blenheim Palace $35,000$40,000


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